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Title:Why Science Fraud Goes Deeper Than the Stanford Scandal...

Learn about high-profile cases of scientific fraud, its prevalence, and its impact on academia. Discover situational pressures and solutions while exploring the quest for research integrity. It includes coverage of Diederik Stapel in the Netherlands, Woo Suk Hwang in Korea, and Marc Tessier-Lavigne, the president of Stanford University who stepped down in 2023. A must-watch for scientists and curious minds! 🧪🔍 #ScienceFraud #ResearchIntegrity #AcademicEthics If you're concerned about fraudulent research making its way into the literature and would like to support the work of a group focused on its detection, please consider supporting Data Colada's Legal Defense team at From the page: Leif Nelson, Joe Simmons, and Uri Simonsohn are professors who together publish the Data Colada blog. In June 2023, they published a series of blog posts raising concerns about the integrity of the data in four papers co-authored by Harvard Business School (HBS) Professor Francesca Gino. They waited to publish these blog posts until after the HBS’s investigation concluded, with HBS placing Professor Gino on leave and requesting retractions for the four papers. In early August 2023, Professor Gino filed a lawsuit for defamation against Harvard University, and against Leif, Joe, and Uri personally, claiming 25 million dollars in damages. Defending oneself in court is time-consuming and expensive regardless of the merits of the lawsuit – as First Amendment lawyer Ken White put it to Vox , “The process is the punishment.” Targets of scientific criticism can thus use the legal system to silence their critics. Here's a link to Stuart Ritchie's book on Scientific Fraud: (an affiliate link). ✨TIMELINE: 0:00 Case 1: Diederik Stapel 1:48 Case 2: Woo Suk Hwang 4:05 Case 3: Marc Tessier-Lavigne 6:07 An Old Problem 7:44 Prevalence of Science Fraud 12:10 What to do About it ✨ABOUT ME: I received my Ph.D. from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. I joined the School of Psychology at the University of Queensland in Australia in 2007, where my research and teaching are focused on social neuroscience. ✨OTHER VIDEOS OF MINE YOU MIGHT LIKE: =9 Ways that William James was the Einstein of Psychology: =Unraveling the Riddles of Mesmerism: How Hypnosis Began: =Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Freud: =5 Apps Every Psychology Student Needs (and They're Free!): =Questioning Psychology's Findings: A Real Crisis: =What's it Like to be an American Academic in Australia: =My Goal for the Year was to FAIL 10 TIMES! ✨ WHERE TO FOLLOW ME: - PERSONAL WEBSITE: - INSTAGRAM: - THREADS: @socialneuro ---- ✨ Music From EpidemicSound: Subscriber count: 1863


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