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Title:Tasting Tradition : Sudha Murty on Indian Cuisine, Films, and Books | Khaane Mein Kaun Hai

In this episode of Khaane Mein Kaun Hai? we have teacher, writer, philanthropist and a big big foodie, Sudha Murtyji. Talking about Indian food, heritage, films and her books, join us in this fun conversation and watch the full video. Let us know your favourite part in the comments below. 00:00 - Intro 02:58 - Sudha Murty on her choice for the restaurant 04:05 - Sudha Murty on India’s Diversity on Food, landscape and culture 04:32 - Karnataka’s Food diversity 06:52 - Sudha Murty on Narayan Murty 07:10 - Sudha Murty’s Cooking Knowledge 08:10 - Today’s Menu 10:21 - Food Competition b/w Kunal and Sudha Murty 10:40 - Sudha Murty Home’s menu 12:08 - Sudha Murty on Books about India food 12:30 - Sudha Murty on history of Vegetables and spices in India 14:27 - Sudha Murty On Book Manasollasa books 15:49 - Sudha Murty on how she started writing books for Children 18:22 - What Sudha Murty eats when she travel Abroad. 20:08 - What does Narayan Murty Eats 21:28 - Sudha Murty’s Fav Cuisinne from other states. 22:35 - Sudha Murty on Manglore Cucumber 25:30 - Sudha Murty’s Love for films 27:56 - Sudha Murty on How Mango got its Magic 30:52- Lessons learned from Sudha Murty ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe on YT ► Follow us on Facebook ► Follow us on Instagram ► For more such videos ► ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TEAM Creative Director: Mohit Khushalani Series Producer: Pratik Patel Associate Producer & Editor: Harsh Kalra Marketing & Sales: Postal Address DOP: Nilesh Shastri, Raaj Maalusaree


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