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Title:Roots Revival Series 6 - Hazara Music with Elaha Soroor (Full Concert)

Hazara music interpretation with Elaha Soroor. Roots Revival Series 6, live performance at Odeon Theater in Vienna, 2nd May 2024. Roots Revival Series is a project initiated and developed by Ioana Aminian and Mehdi Aminian dedicated to the interpretation of underrepresented musical cultures. 2023-2024 has been dedicated to the music of Afghanistan. You find this album on Spotify: Press the subscribe button to be part of our future journey To find out about our upcoming events subscribe to our newsletter here:*** In order to be able to make these series possible in the future, we need your support. You can donate to Roots Revival association here: The income from the donations and sales are invested in developing the future projects of Roots Revival. Musicians: Elaha Soroor – Vocals – الهه سرور Giuliano Modarelli – Guitar Habib Rafie – Dambora – حبیب رفیعی Avin Ahmadi – Oud – اوین احمدی Haidar Khan – Tabla, Harmonium, Vocals Mehdi Aminian – Ney, Setar, Saz – مهدی امینیان Spontaneous dancer: Zahra Tavakoli Funding within the framework of SHIFT, BASIS.KULTUR.WIEN The Setlist: 00:00 Introduction 00:35 - "Rafiq Jan" | by Abe Mirza/ Dilara | arranged by Mehdi Aminian 08:21 - "Attan Hazaragi" | by Elaha Soroor & Kaveh Bahrami | arranged by the ensemble 14:58 - "Guitar & Oud duet" 16:29 - "Paydariat Zebast" | by Elaha Soroor | arranged by Giuliano Modarelli 23:53 - "Ritual" | by Mehdi Aminian 29:08 - "Daido" | Composition by Mehdi Aminian inspired by Daido Acapella singing 42:28 - "Chashmane Maste Yaram" | by Sarwar Sarkhosh | arranged by Avin Ahmadi 47:14 - "Guitar Solo" | by Giuliano Modarelli 48:51 - "Gole Sadbarg" | by Abe Mirza/ Dilaram | arranged by Giuliano Modarelli 54:30 - Introduction of the musicians 1:00:47 - "Chashme Khomari Dari" | Folk song | arranged by Haider Khan 1:10:06 - "Tabla Solo" | By Haider Khan 1:15:29 - "Kakolaye Tu" | by Elaha Soroor | arranged by the ensemble 1:23:09 - "Parande-ye Kochak" | by Raag Hanskinkini & Elaha Soroor | arranged by Giuliano Modarelli 1:31:35 - "Chashme Khomari Dari (Encore)" | Folk song | arranged by Haider Khan Translation of the song Daido: "With this chestnut horse, I'll ride to my heart's desire, Tomorrow I'll visit my sweet mother. If I go tomorrow and my sweet mother is not there, With whom shall I pour out my heart's sorrows? Father is good and mother is dear, Brother is the sweetest fruit on earth. Raise your head from this soil, Father, I am full of loneliness, comfort me, Father. My soul is weary from the feeling of strangeness and loneliness, Our next meeting will be on the Day of Judgment. It was the time of sunset and evening prayer when a stranger crossed my path, His loneliness devastated me and reminded me of my homeland. I don't know if the devastation of my heart was for my mother or my brother. I became a recluse and my own companion. The sun is warm and it's midday, dear God, I have no one to sew my shroud. I wish my shroud were sewn from plain cloth, and my young brother stood over my body. My young brother stood over my head, and threw two or three shovels of earth on me. My young brother stood over my head, and threw two or three shovels of earth on me. The path to my homeland is full of thorns, Seeing my mother has become grief and pain. I wish I were spring grass so I could turn green, I wish I had never left my mother and taken care of her. If I can get out of this short valley, I will offer sacrifice and alms to my mother. On that day when God wills and arrives, That I may come to her with a smile on my face. Oh vagabond, Oh unfaithful one, My soul, Oh vagabond, Unfaithful one..." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Partners: Odeon Theater Camera: Christian Deix Simon Zauner Film Director and Editor: Simon Zauner Live sound and recording: Urdyl Bauer Mixing and mastering: Tohid Vahid Technical support: Hamid Ahmadi Project assistant: Rahman Soltani Thanks to: Manizha Bakhtari Birgit Ellinghaus Saman Karampour Max Kaufmann Mario Mattiazzo Ghousuddin Mir Roxana Rouzitalab Artur Telfeyan Horst Watzl Akis-EU – Afghanische Kultur, Integration und Solidarität - Wien Theater Odeon Staff Project developers: Ioana Aminian Mehdi Aminian © Roots Revival 2024


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