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Title:Naag Nagin 1989 - नाग नागिन l Superhit Thriller Movie l Rajeev Kapoor , Mandakini , Satish

Watch #NaagNagin1989, Superhit Action Thriller Movie. Director: Ramkumar Bohra. Producer: Ramkumar Bohra. Music Director: Laxmikant - Pyarelal Lyricist: Mursheed Hallauri, Santosh Anand Story: Ramkumar Bohra. Screenplay: Malhar - Suri. Dialogue: Malhar - Suri. Actor: Rajeev Kapoor, Mandakini, Satish Shah, Sudhir Pandey, Puneet Issar, Tej Sapru, Firoz Irani, Rajni Bala, Rashi, Malhar - I, Suri, Usha Rathod, Rajendra Nath, Sulakshana Khatri, Raza Murad, Vijayeta Pandit. #HindiMovie #OldHindiMovie #SuperhitClassicMovie #BollywoodSuperhitMovie #ClassicMovies #NaagNagin1989 #RajeevKapoor #Mandakini #SatishShah #SudhirPandey #RazaMurad Synopsis :- Ichchadhari" snakes have supernatural powers of transforming themselve in the human form of their desire. Such two"Ichchadhari" snakes had transformed themselves in the human form of KUBER and CHANDNI. Kuber and Chandni romanced and spent theri life in the abode of Nageshwarnath, guarding a Miracle Gem "Naag Mani", for ages. Their presence was not to the liking of Ringo, a foreigner, who coveted the miracle gem guarded by Kuber and Chandni. Legend has it that whoever, possesses the Miracle gem would rule the world with enormous power. Ringo engaged five hardcore evil men to procure the miracle gem. These five evil men were joined by "Aghori" an evil Sorcerer who too coverted the miracle gem, in order to attain immortallity. The six of them hunted the "Naag Nagin" and killed Kuber. Chandni was forlorn She prayed to Lord Nageshwarnath to restore her beloved Kuber's life. The lord heard her prayer's but Kuber as "Suraj", son of Rajeshwar Rai. Suraj had to bear the pangs of separation from Chandni his beloved in previous birth, for twenty years. After twentyone years of penance and prayers of Chandni, Suraj, now a handsome young man returned from abroad. When they met, Suraj felt as he knew Chandni for ages. Suraj and Chandni again fell in love. The problem was in the form of Kiran, daughter of another devil Rana. Though she was betrothed to Suraj, he treated her like a friend only. Rajeshwar Rai had to bow before his son's desire to marry Chandni. When the evil Aghori heared about the alliance he became restless and panicky. But against all odds, Suraj and Chandni got married. When the five evil men, the Aghori and Rana came to know about Suraj and Chandni's marriage, they were frightened. They thought that Suraj and Chandni would take revenge on them. ADHORI BABA poisoned Suraj and his father Rajeshwar Rais ears that Chandni was actually an "ICHCHADHARI NAGIN"and not a girl. The stunning revelation made Suraj shun Chandni. Chandni was helpless. On one side was the unrequited love of Kiran for Suraj and on the other the hatred of Suraj for Chandni. On the yet another side was the dream of ADHORI for the Miracle gem, Ringos greed and the conspiracy of the five evil men. Like * Comment * Share - Don't forget to LIKE the video and write your COMMENT's Statutory Declaration: Contents of this Film,Scene,Song which was released, as per available sources now are in the public domain since the term of copyright has expired,under the copyright act 1957. If You Like The Video Don't Forget To Share With Others & Also Share Your Views. Your One Stop Destination For All The Latest Videos Subscribe Now!


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