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Title:5 Days Living in Mongolia's Gobi Desert - A WILD Adventure!

Visiting the Gobi Desert has always been on our bucket list because it seems like one of those places that just can't be real. Traveling to Mongolia's Gobi Desert made us realize why so few people come here - it is hard to traverse! The Gobi Desert is harsh and unforgiving, and getting lost out here could easily be deadly no matter what season you visit. This is one part of the world we would always recommend getting a guide for because traveling here independently would be dangerous and extremely challenging. We booked our 5-Day Gobi Desert tour with 4 Seasons Travel, a local travel agency that offers all kinds of tours in Mongolia. To book your own trip with them, visit, or call +976 86009566 (What'sApp works!). The Gobi Desert is HUGE and we saw so much of it in 5 days. Turns out, only 5% of the Gobi Desert actually has sand which we saw on day 3 when we arrived at the singing sand dunes. The views from the top of the sand dunes was one of the most incredible of our lives. We felt so insignificant next to the powerful dunes and would have stayed al night if it had been possible. Besides the sand dunes, the Gobi Desert in Mongolia has so many incredible landscapes. On day 1 of our tour we visited Tsagaan Suvraga (White Stupa) which felt like it belonged in the movie Ice Age. If a dinosaur had walked past us I don't think any of us would have been surprised! On day 2 we visited the Flaming Cliffs, which had the same prehistoric atmosphere. The best part of these places is that there was hardly anyone there, even though we visited in high seasons! The remoteness of this part of the world combined with the difficult navigation required to get here makes this an incredible tourist destination. We were hardly ever sharing the scenery with anyone else! One of the main highlights of the Gobi Desert Tour was having the chance to sleep in a Mongolian ger. Each night, we would join the rest of our tour mates and the five of us slept in one big ger together. Getting the chance to sleep in the traditional house of the nomadic Mongolian people is exactly what we hoped for during our travels in Mongolia! Seeing how many Mongolians live in this tough environment made us respect these people and their way of life even more. They have adapted so impressively to the challenging climate while keeping their nomadic life in tact in so many ways. We loved getting the chance to see this lifestyle and participate in a small way by staying in the Gobi Desert. Going on a tour of the Gobi Desert is not for the faint of heart. You cannot be squeamish, have to be ready for anything (and we really mean ANYTHING), and should enjoy going with the flow. You never know what the desert is going to give you and to get the most out of this remote part of the world you have to be prepared to roll with whatever punches the Gobi send your way. She'll probably send a few, and that will make the adventure worth telling :) If you enjoy our videos and want to give us an extra special thank you, we would love to have you become a channel member! Check out the perks here Planning a trip? Check out our packing video to see what we pack for long-term travel: SafetyWing is our favourite travel insurance provider (including health insurance): Wise is our travel debit/credit card: - Want to work with us? Email: == Connect with us! == ♥ Instagram: @nicoleandmico_ ♥ Website: ♥ Email: == OUR FAVOURITE TRAVEL GEAR == + Matador soap bar case: + HeroClip Carabiner: + Toiletry kit: + Travel Adapter (Universal): + Makeup Remover Cloth (Erase-Your-Face): + Eagle Creek packing cube: + Mico's main backpack: + Nicole's main backpack: + Ex-Officio Underwear: + Vessi Everyday Classic sneakers: Our FULL Packing List: *Some of the links above are affiliate links and we may get a small commission at no cost to you if you choose to use a link to purchase a product! == Chapters == 0:00 This is going to be epic 1:33 First impressions of the Gobi 3:42 The White Stupa 6:41 Our first ger tour! 10:15 Driving in Mongolia 12:12 Trying Mongolian food 13:32 Wonder why they're called the Flaming Cliffs 17:24 Day three is going to be the best! 20:12 A proper sandy desert 21:31 We might need some eczema cream 23:45 The hardest (and best) part of this trip 28:37 Day 4 surprised us 30:45 Ankle bones? 32:46 Sid and Africa for a laugh #travelmongolia #gobidesert


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