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Title:Ladylike Charm: In Step With Poise

Your guide to graceful movements. In this video how to come to a stop gracefully, enter & exit the car with poise & pick up items off the floor properly. These are simple everyday movements that could be charmed with poise & confidence. Important tips for a smooth, graceful entrance into the car, just like a classic star: It could be a long stretch from outside of the car, so put the foot nearest the door in the car first to push off with. Once you've sat down, keep your knees together as lift your legs and swing them into the car, with your knees leading and your feet lifted so you don't bump into the seat or dashboard in front of you. Smoothing out your skirt, place your hands on the seat & lift yourself up & back to be comfortably seated. Getting out of the car is just the reverse of getting inside. Place your hands on the seat, and with your knees together swing your legs out of the car and lift your body up & out of the car. This might take a little extra work,but for a graceful exit, it's worth it. Your skirt will stay in place & you'll look like a graceful lady who always knows what to do. With practice, being graceful in these everyday movements will soon become a part of the charming new you.:) Thank you for watching! Please like & subscribe for more videos!:) Find positive quotes & elegant style inspiration here! Pinterest: Find more elegant style inspiration here! Music: Story Of My Life//One Direction Lego House//Ed Sheeran


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