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Title:Nirvana - 1994-02-25 - Milan, Italy - [New Multicam/Full Show/HQ-Audio/50fps] - Palatrussardi

Nirvana - Palatrussardi - Milan, Italy - 2/25/94 00:00:00 Radio Friendly Unit Shifter 00:03:58 Drain You 00:07:30 Breed 00:11:02 Serve The Servants 00:14:16 Come As You Are 00:17:45 Smells Like Teen Spirit 00:22:23 Sliver 00:24:10 00:24:43 Dumb 00:27:25 In Bloom 00:31:30 About A Girl 00:34:26 Lithium 00:38:32 Pennyroyal Tea 00:42:17 School 00:45:34 Polly 00:48:42 Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle 00:52:43 Sappy 00:56:12 Rape Me 00:58:45 Territorial Pissings --- 01:02:25 All Apologies 01:05:52 On A Plain 01:09:00 Scentless Apprentice 01:12:40 Heart-Shaped Box Notes: -- Custom Multicam created in November 2015 by @Copperpot5. (me). For reference Kurt Cobain died less than 2months after this show (4/5/94). Note: I have ZERO to do w/ the advertisements on this or any other video on this channel. The channel is NOT monetized by me. Any advertisements you may see are placed by and provide revenue for (c) claimants (artist/management/etc). If they're bothersome you could consider Youtube premium (~$12 a month for no Ads + Youtube Music) or find a free Adblocker for your browser/device. If it were up to me there would definitely not be Ads on any video on this channel. Use 720p50 via the gear icon on the player for best playback quality. Free Fan Media for Nirvana fans. I'm always looking for uncirculated Nirvana Video/Audio. If you taped Nirvana back in the day or happen to have any uncirculated Nirvana media please shoot me a message or email. Thx! Email: Jaycopperpot at gmail dot com). Also check out the LiveNirvana forums where many of these old Nirvana video/audio sources are first circulated in their original formats:


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