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Title:Discovering the Deeper Meaning of the Torah | R' Yussie Zakutinsky

Renowned for his unique ability to teach lofty concepts in a down-to-earth way, Rabbi Yussie Zakutinsky is a highly sought-after lecturer. Rabbi Zakutinsky learned in Yeshivas Shaar HaTorah where he received semicha from Rav Kalman Epstein. Rabbi Zakutinsky is the author of Sefer Yam HaTefila and Mei Moed. He is the Rav of K’hal Mevakshei Hashem in Lawrence, NY. He is a Maggid Shiur in Kollel Emek HaMelech in Woodmere and the Mashpia Ruchani at Edison Home Health Care. Rabbi Zakutinsky lives with his wife and children in Lawrence, NY and can be reached at **SPONSORS** This Episode has been sponsored by the Newman Family L’zecher Nishmas Ruchama Perel Malka Leah Bat Aryeh Leib INFINITY LAND SERVICES Title without the horror stories! Reach out to: or call 718.338.4200 ____________________________________ Need Financial Planning and Life insurance? Call Moshe Alpert! Email: for a free consultation or head to Or call 718-644-1594 _______________________________________ Agra D’Pirka is a nationwide learning program for everyone who can spare time from 9:30 to 11:30 in the mornings, Monday through Thursday every week of the year. We have top flight Maggidei Shiur/Lecturers who provide excellent shiurim for almost 1,000 people daily. Come join Agra D’Pirka and your life will change forever. Please call 212-661-9400 for more information and ask for Ezra or Rachamim, or visit for more information. _______________________________________ Vayimaen - Daily professionally edited videos from incredible speakers. - Easy to watch, with practical short lessons and inspiration about Shmiras Einayim 10,000 people signed up in just a month. Sign up here: ____________________________________ Bleu Glove Concierge - North woodmere office - All Sick visits adult and kids 6mo and up. Warm, caring office, Experienced Flu shots Blood work And House calls Bleu Drips concierge vitamin and medical iv infusions and injections Hydration Hydration and anti nausea for pregnancy We do pre Yom Kippur hydration We come to you! Text, call or whatsapp 917-334-4134 ____________________________________ Subscribe to Meaningful Minute on WhatsApp: Ute ____________________________________ Subscribe to our Podcast Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Google Podcasts: Or wherever Podcasts are available! Follow us on Instagram: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Editor: Sruly Saftlas Podcast created by: Meaningful Minute For more info and upcoming news check out: #jew #jewish #podcast #frum #rabbi #frumpodcast #meaningfulpeople #torah #mitzvah #hashem #jewishmusic #jewishpodcast #israel #kumzitz #nachigordon #jewishpod Infinity Land Services Title InsuranceInfinity Land Services Title Insurance Infinity Land Services Title Insurance | Comprehensive Title Services Today's real estate transactions are more complicated than ever. Our mission is simple: To provide our clients with comprehensive title services and a stress-free, painless experience from beginning to end. Contact us today to learn more.


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