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Title:Triple Cross (1966, war) by Terence Young with Christopher Plummer, Yul Brynner and Romy Schneider

The true story of Eddie Chapman, ex-safecracker, master-criminal, & super-spy! During WW2, convicted bank robber Eddie Chapman becomes a triple agent working for both the British and the Germans. Original title: Triple Cross (1966) AKA: Terence Young's Triple Cross This film is available with English, French, & German audio options. And subtitles in many more languages. Director: Terence Young Writers: René Hardy, Frank Owen, William Marchant Stars: Christopher Plummer, Yul Brynner, Romy Schneider, Trevor Howard Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller, War 00:00 Full Movie (with dubbed audio & subtitles) 01:51 Espionage, burglary, and intrigue unfold as Eddie Chapman navigates a dangerous game during wartime. 13:35 Undercover agent navigates complex relationships and espionage during World War II. 26:25 Intrigue unfolds as a former criminal turned German spy navigates espionage and suspicion in wartime. 35:16 Espionage mission unfolds with unexpected twists and revelations among characters. 46:19 Undercover agent faces challenges and tests in a wartime mission. 1:05:13 A British spy, Chapman, is tasked with a dangerous mission involving German agents during World War II. 1:08:37 Espionage mission involving sabotage, negotiation, and betrayal during World War II. 1:18:31 Espionage agent faces dilemma between loyalty and survival during World War II. 1:28:47 Undercover agent Franz Grauman receives Iron Cross for sabotage mission in WWII Germany. 1:36:52 Espionage, deception, and loyalty in a wartime setting involving a pacifist soldier and a resistance member. 1:44:40 Espionage mission details and high-level military meeting in Paris during World War II. 1:54:34 Intrigue, deception, and loyalty in wartime Europe as key figures navigate dangerous situations and shifting alliances. 2:03:20 Espionage, deception, and strategic planning during WWII with a British agent infiltrating the German army. @CultCinemaClassics Members-only videos


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