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Title:Joha, his son and the donkey

Joha, his son and the donkey Once upon a time, in a small village, there was a peasant named Joha. He made a living working in his field with the help of his son. After years of work, Joha managed to save money. So he decided to buy a donkey to use it in the transport of goods and the plowing of the land. One day, Joha and his son went to the market to buy the donkey. And on the way back, Joha noticed signs of fatigue on his son's face, so he made him ride on the back of the donkey. And he walked beside him. When people saw them, they blamed the boy, saying, "What an ungrateful boy! he climbs on the back of the donkey and lets his old father travel on foot " Hearing the people's comments, the son came down from the donkey and Joha took his place. But when they saw them, people began to blame the peasant, saying, "What a heartless father! He rides his donkey and lets his young son travel on foot " Influenced by the words of the people, Joha went up with his son on the back of the donkey. Then people began to talk again, saying, "But what cruelty! the back of the donkey will break under their weight " Surprised by the reaction of the people, Joha decided to walk with his son next to the donkey. But this did not satisfy the people who began to make fun of the peasant and his son saying: "they are crazy these two. How do they travel on foot with such a strong donkey? " So, hearing the mockery of the people, Joha and his son got angry and decided to carry the donkey on their backs. Then people made fun of them by accusing them of madness. "Look at these two crazy people! they carry their donkey on their backs." But this time, Joha and his son decided to ignore them. And they learned that to please everyone and an unattainable goal.


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