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Title:What happened to Orcs in the Fourth Age? | Tolkien Questions & Answers

What happened to Orcs in the Fourth Age following Sauron's downfall in Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings? Would or could they survive as a race? I answer some questions related to the most loathed of races in Middle-earth, the Orcs, hopefully showing the difficulties in answering questions about the Orcs with any certainty. A Shout-out and a big thank you to those supporting the channel on Patreon: The Valar: Oliver Flanagan Dovid Nachshon Albright Joel Bion The Maiar: Wavesailor Will Healy Victus Shmmidtt The Elves: Aelynn Deveran fet mar Grab-N-Go-History John Piccolini Patricia Miranda If you enjoy the content, consider supporting on Patreon: All my videos are the result of my own research and interest in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. I do not claim the rights to audiobooks, music, or artwork used in my videos. All artwork chosen is used with the written permission of the respective copyright holders/creators where possible. The Lord of the Rings Audiobook has been used with permission from Phil Dragash and can be found in his The Lord of the Rings Unabridged Audiobook Soundscape Project - & - its use on this channel is for educational and entertainment purposes through the use of passages relevant to the topic at hand. Chapters: 0:00 - Introduction 2:50 - The destruction of the One Ring 6:47 - The defeat of Morgoth 8:59 - Sauron's control 10:50 - Orcs outside Sauron's influence 12:38 - Of Orcs and Men in the Fourth Age 17:11 - Orc genocide 19:29 - The New Shadow 20:41 - Hope and redeemability? 24:04 - The Age of Mankind 25:17 - Outro / Share your thoughts... Referenced Videos: 1 - Of Aragorn and the faint-hearted - 2 - The New Shadow of the Fourth Age - 3 - How long do Orcs live? - Music: Alone With Your Voices - Royalty-Free Horror Music by Ghost Stories Incorporated ( Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 3.0 License ( Cold Cold Cemetary - Royalty-Free Horror Music by Ghost Stories Incorporated ( Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 3.0 License ( This House by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: The Reason For Haunting - Royalty-Free Horror Music by Ghost Stories Incorporated ( Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 3.0 License ( Tempting Secrets by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: Artwork: All artists, images, and links to sources are found by following the link below. If you would like to see your artwork appear in videos or discuss the use of your artwork on the channel, please get in touch. Maps used with permission from The Encyclopedia of Arda - The Last One - 88grzes Shagrat and Gorbag - Alan Lee Evil Vigilance - AlMaNeGrA Saruman - AlMaNeGrA/Fantasy Flight Games Sauron on wolf - anastasiyacemetery Sauron - Anna Podedworna War Chief - Damian Audino Breaching the wall/Orc Assault - Darek Zabrocki Mordor - Datem Aragorn - David Auden Nash The Black Gate - Davis Engel The Umbar Market, Harad - DireImpulse Eru Ilúvatar Timeless Palace - enanoakd Map of Harad/Rhûn - The Encyclopedia of Arda Orcs - Gellihana-art The One Ring - Glabool Morgoth - Guillem H. Pongiluppi Orc City Gundabad - Ilya Nazarov Mount Gundabad Overview - Ilya Nazarov Battle of the Ford - James Rinere Mines of Moria - jcbarquet The Door of Night/The Uruk-hai - John Howe Sauron - JohnnySlowhand Morgoth and the Silmarils - Justin Gerard Nazgûl - kalmahul Angband Unleashed - Kenneth Sofia Eye of Sauron - KingofCopper16 The White Hand of Saruman - lonefirewarrior Orc portrait - Maria Panfilova Heavy Orc - Markus Neidel Orc Army - Merlkir -army- - omertunc Flag of of Rohan - Pbroks13 Melkor - Rami-fon-Verg Morgoth - ringthcog Orcs - sandara Melkor returns - stefan meisl The Shadow of Sauron - Ted Nasmith Orc - TheRafaArts The Halls of Mandos - thoughtsupnorth Sauron - Commander of Angband - toherrys Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard - WB Games Uruk-hai - Vulpes-Ibculta Battle of Azanulbizar - Weta Workshop Sauron Silhouette - William Faucher Thumbnail: Heavy Orc -Markus Neidel ( Orc City Gundabad - Ilya Nazarov ( #tolkien #orcs #fourthage #q&a #legendarium #lotr


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