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Title:6 Kettlebell Moves for TOTAL Body Fitness - Build Toughness!

Head over to and use SPECIAL code THEBIONEER15 to get 15% off your Vivos โ€“ PLUS for a limited time you will also get the brand new Human Potential course completely FREE with your purchase! *** My eBook and training program: *** Patreon: *** I LOVE training with kettlebells. The swing, halo, Turkish getup, clean and press... they offer things you don't get with other forms of training in a very convenient package. For one, kettlebells can offer a great way to train the kind of explosiveness you get from olympic weightlifting - but in a smaller/safer way that you can do from home. They're perfect for conditioning - letting you build your work capacity and strength endurance to take into workouts/sports. And they build strength at weird angles as you fight momentum and torque - often in the rotational plane. They're not perfect for everything - as we'll see in the video. They certainly have some limitations and I think they work best as a complement to other forms of training. But you CAN get an amazing full body workout with them, using the movements above (and many others). And they'll build your strength in ways other tools just can't. You'll be stronger at weird angles, for longer. And this basically translates to toughness... What are your favourite kettlebell moves?


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