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Title:BJ Sam ft Various Artists - Show some love @UKRAINETODAY24

"Show Some Love," is beautiful heartfelt global expression of solidarity with Ukraine from over 23 exceptionally talented international artists, music legends, orchestras, celebrities, movie stars and award-winning vocalists from every continent of the world, saying “No” to the war – calling on the everyone to stop shooting and lay down their weapons. According to BJ Sam, the luminary composer, "If the world can sing with one voice, there wouldn’t be any reason to fight more war.” It's so beautiful to see people across the globe singing together in harmony irrespective of their language, race, colour, and creed. The song features Ukrainian artists Aya Nova, who fled the war, and a young girl SONYA, who couldn’t - both singing and longing for the restoration of peace in Ukraine. Other artists on the song include Brazilian saxophone legend, Angelo Torres; famous Swedish bass player, Magnus Rosén; Australian actress-singer, Rae Leigh; American actress and singer, Hillary Hawkins; Swedish music legend, Mikael Erlandsson; British actress and rapper, Melanie Gayle; French singer, Sylvie Burger; Jamaican singer, Jah Rain; Bulgarian star Joanna Dragneva; Ghanaian music icon, Diana Hopeson; Nigerian singer and drummer, Prince Adewale Laoye; and many others. Kindly recommend us for music festivals, gigs and concerts. About BJ Sam! BJ Sam is an international singer and producer who uses music to unite people of all races, backgrounds and cultures. His teeming fans around the globe fondly refer to him as "Sammy Wonder” due his distinctive beautiful voice, heartfelt lyrics and mind-blowing stage skills. His music brings joy to the universe. His song “ Mon Amour” was chosen by American filmmaker, Lloyd Kaufman as the Soundtrack for the Hollywood movie titled “Heart of Fatness”. He is the only musician who has successfully and repeatedly assembled music icons and celebrities from all the continents for musical collaboration, which has gotten the media industry astonished, wondering how that is made possible. No musician has ever refused to collaborate with him as a result of his beautiful voice and heartfelt lyrics. In the past four years he has featured musicians and singers from over 100 nations on his projects. He was recently invited to join the grammy award voting members. Links: YouTube: Spotify: iTunes: For more information, email, +1 (917) 922-1670 connect with @bjsammusic on LinkedIn, Instagram , Twitter UPC: 859771581504 ISRC: TCAGX2396713 ----------LYRICS-------- Please stop the shooting drop the gun. Oooh Oooh ooooh show some love, show some love Let’s make the world a happy place show some love, show some love some kindness show some love, show some love make the world a happy place show some love, show some love some kindness We have fought enough it’s time to show some love I know you’ve been hurt Please drop the gun and give me a hug Just imagine how beautiful this world will be glow With harmony each and everywhere we go If we allow true love to flow oh no matter where you come from, no matter your religion, Please turn around and show some love. Pain goes deeper past the surface of what we see Sometimes its hard to believe We need to find the strength inside To show some love and be kind.. Just imagine how beautiful this world can be When everybody lives in love and harmony Let us join hands because we can all agree that love alone shall set us free show some love, show some love make the world a happy place show some love, show some love some kindness Покажи мені любов Оберігати маєм світ Покажи мені любов Як в серці музика звучить Kan du föreställa dig hur vacker våran värld kan vara ? Med harmoni vartän vi går , där kärleken är stor. aucun de nous veut la guerre, c’est la folie des hommes qui nous perd, nous on veut que la paix l’amour la lumiere E je ka fife lo o Ko ma se si jagidijagan ka fife lo o Ko ma se si eleyameya ni’be NON SENTIAMO PIU' IL DOLORE DELL'UMANITA' TENDIAMOCI LA MANO E IL MONDO BRILLERA’ show some love, show some love make the world a happy place show some love, show some love some kindness pyar dhekha, pyar dhekha let’s make the world a happy place pyar dhekha, pyar dhekha some kindness #solidaritywithukraine #Solidaritywithisrael #faithtabernacle @justinbieber @KatyPerry @rihanna @fifa @unitednations @brunomars @universalmusicgroup @royaltyfam @BBC @EurovisionSongContest @euroattachments10


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