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Title:Népal, les damnés du précipice | Les routes de l'impossible

00:00 250 kilometers long, the Karnali Highway is an important axis in the northwest of Nepal. Built in 2006, it connects a city in the valley, Surkhet, to a city in the heights, located at 3000 meters above sea level, Jumla. 03:10 Surket is the economic hub of Karnali region 08:15 On this mountain road, only three buses pass every day 10:40 Some villagers take advantage of the Highway and open small restaurants for truckers and travelers 13:13 Other travelers are forced to walk all the way 14:25 Parts of the lane have become muddy paths due to traffic 17:55 From a moment the buses can no longer continue because of the dangers of the road 21:28 After 6 months of absence, this young boy returns to his village to find his family 32:30 In the mountains there is only one doctor for hundreds of miles around 36:20 On this mountainside road there are a lot of accidents 44:10 These truckers arrive on the last day of their trip, but the road is under construction which makes passage almost impossible Sometimes it takes more than five days to complete the trip. On the mountainside, carved into the rock, this road allows the populations of this poor region of Nepal to stock up on all kinds of products. For several weeks, the cameras follow those who dare to take this road. Despite the danger, the Karnali Highway is the fastest way for them to get around this mountainous region. Location: Nepal Producer: Tony Comiti, France5 Directed by: Manolo d'Arthuys, Daniel Lainé, Philippe Lafaix


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