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Title:Struggles of a Single Mother | @official.shomaila | Women of Wonder with Reema Mahajan EP#33

This Episode of Women of Wonder features n a compelling conversation with @official.shomaila who shares her remarkable journey of resilience, courage, and empowerment as she navigates through the challenges of marriage, divorce, and rebuilding her life as a single mother. In this inspiring episode, Shomaila candidly discusses the emotional turmoil she experienced during her divorce and the societal pressures she faced as a woman. She reflects on the struggles of trying to make her marriage work and the difficult decision to walk away from an abusive relationship, emphasizing the importance of dignity and respect for women in all relationships. Shomaila also shares her professional journey, highlighting her entrepreneurial endeavors and the positive impact she has made in empowering women through her business ventures. Her story serves as a beacon of hope for women facing similar challenges, offering a message of strength, resilience, and the possibility of rebuilding one's life after adversity. 00:00 - Teaser 00:57 - Episode begins 01:26 - Reason why Shomaila moved to Dubai 03:57 - Shomaila's past marriage 06:39 - Why did the marriage end? 08:42 - Impact on Shomaila's daughter 10:11 - Abusive relationship? 12:33 - Early childhood 13:35 - Views on wearing hijab 17:15 - Politics in family 20:11 - Family support during divorce 24:03 - Divorce experience 34:43 - Red flags in past relationship 41:38 - Starting from scratch after divorce 47:01 - Shomaila's current business 51:04 - Parting Inspirational message 52:56 - Thank You & Wrap Up!


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