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Title:🎥 The REel Take... Really, Really, STILL!

By now, you know mortgage interest rates are up, and up significantly from where they were this past spring and summer. Last week, interest rates were in the low 7% range, this week they floated back down into the 6’s, but will probably be volatile at least through next year. ⠀ If you’re someone who’s been sitting on the sidelines wondering if now is really, really, STILL a good time to buy a house?? the answer is STILL, yes! ⠀ Borrowing from Dave Ramsey, “someone who buys a house today will become inordinately more wealthy over the next 3 years than someone who keeps renting”. ⠀ When you rent, your rent amount goes up every year. In Dallas last year, rent was up 17-20%. Rent will be up this year at least that much, maybe more. When your rent amount goes up, your disposable income goes down. And, you’re still buying the property, you’re just buying it for your landlord. ⠀ When you buy a house for yourself, you lock in your mortgage amount for the life of your loan. Your mortgage payment never goes up! Your disposable income gradually increases, as does the value of the property that you’re buying for yourself! ⠀ Mortgage interest rates are up - buy the house! You can always refinance when rates come down. But don’t not buy the house while you’re waiting for interest rates to come down. You could end up waiting longer than you think, and miss out on the opportunity to start building wealth for yourself.


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