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Title:One Piece OST - Wano Country - Full Original Soundtrack

One Piece Original Soundtrack - WANOKUNI is an album collection of music produced for the One Piece anime in Wano Country Arc, Whole Cake Island Arc, the Episode of East Blue tv special, as well as some bonus tracks. Album: ONE PIECE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK: WANOKUNI ONE PIECE オリジナルサウンドトラック "WANOKUNI" Music: Kohei Tanaka Composer: Kohei Tanaka Arranger : Kohei Tanaka, Kenta Higashiohji, Yoshio Tsuru, Shiro Hamaguchi Tracklist : Disc 1 : 00:00:00 Wano Country - Opening Curtains, Closing Curtains Theme 00:03:38 Ebisu Town's Theme 00:06:06 Onigashima's Theme 00:08:24 Kaido's Theme ~Dragon Transformation~ 00:10:48 Wano Country - Opening Curtains, Closing Curtains Theme Simplified 00:12:03 Banquet in Wano Country! (Festival Music) 00:14:09 Big Mom's Desire to be Spoiled 00:15:58 Orochi Castle in Flames 00:17:45 Fun Daily Life ~Wano Country Arc~ 00:19:47 Eustass Kid's Theme 00:21:46 Go~! My Servant~ Big Mom!! 00:23:17 Transform!! Sanji to O-Soba Mask 00:25:00 Great Performance of the Ninjas (Mature Ninja Woman Shinobu, Nami, Chopper) 00:26:48 Luffy ~Awakening~ 00:28:50 Awakened Luffy's Perfomance 00:30:35 Headliners Appear (Through Trap Door) ~Strolling (Pursuit) 00:32:54 Luffy's Complete Defeat and Unbreakable Heart 00:35:13 Kaido of the Beasts and Straw Hat Luffy ~Confrontation~ 00:37:17 Kozuki Family's Theme ~~Downfall~~ 00:39:25 OVER THE TOP Piano Arrange 00:43:31 Oden's Tatami Room Tune instrumental 00:45:14 Oden's Theme ~Wano Country Tour~ 00:47:09 Kurozumi Orochi's Theme 00:49:18 Oden's Adventure, Travels with Whitebeard and Roger 00:52:05 Oden's Public Execution 00:53:37 Kozuki Oden's Feelings - Open the Borders of Wano Country 00:55:27 Depart! Nine Red Scabbards 00:58:18 All Hands on Deck, Now to Onigashima 01:00:22 Kyoshiro Joins the Fight! New Comrade 01:02:17 Kurozumi Semimaru - Biwa Recital Disc 2 : 01:04:35 Onigashima Dance Floor Music (Fighting Music) 01:06:11 Wano Country, Battle of Oden's Samurai 01:07:47 Notice Short Ver, 01:08:07 Notice Long Ver, 01:08:41 Beginning of the Great Eastern Sea Adventure 01:10:10 Usopp's Seriousness 01:11:05 Real Pinch, Absolute Determination 01:12:52 Luffy's Anger 01:15:47 Nami in Despair ~ Luffy Breaks In 01:18:22 eat me! 01:20:59 If I Think of Tomorrow 01:22:31 NON SUGAR LIFE 01:24:06 WELCOME VIP 01:28:25 SUGAR LIFE 01:30:55 Capone Gang Bege's Theme 01:33:38 Luffy's Feelings, Come Back Sanji! 01:35:43 Charlotte Pudding - Hidden Face 01:37:46 Sanji ~Moist Cigarette~ 01:39:40 Sanji's True Feelings 01:41:38 Germa 66 Transform!! Ver.1 01:43:28 Germa 66 Transform!! Ver.2 01:44:32 Rule of a Holiday 01:45:48 BADEND MUSICAL Ver.1 01:47:42 BADEND MUSICAL Ver.2 01:52:38 Soul Pocus ~Song of the Queen~ 02:01:11 Katakuri's Theme 02:03:49 We Are! Reconciliation Ver. 02:06:21 Family ~Straw Hat Pirates 10 Members Ver.~ 02:10:38 Binks' Sake ~Roger Pirates Ver.~ I do not own One Piece. All the rights goes to Eiichiro Oda and TOEI Animation.


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