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Title:We Grew Up So Well - Omori PMV

Well, here it is. My first full-length PMV. Pretty crazy to have actually finished this. It took a crazy amount of hours over two weeks to complete, and rest assured that I never want to draw another Omori-styled eye again. I don't think I'll ever wrap my brain around how those things work. I do also think it ended up being much cheesier than I intended but uhhhh you know what, that’s okay. I knew from the moment I completed Omori that I had to make a video with it someday. That game made me feel feelings that I needed to get out of my head. It is officially the only game to make me cry for two hours straight at midnight a week after I completed my first playthrough. Honestly, if you haven't played this game and this video made you interested, then you should do it. It's a content-packed and unforgettable experience with amazing visuals and a beautiful story. It resonated with me to my core and it might do the same for you too. Just heed the game's content warning, of course. Important note: While this video features plenty of original art, there are many parts that were referenced or even heavily referenced from art in Omori in order to achieve an accurate look. I don't know if this disclaimer is necessary or not, but it felt disingenuous not to mention it, especially since people who have never played the game could come across this video and believe I came up with all the composition and posing myself. Song: We Grew Up So Well by Jack Conte ( Programs: Procreate Flipaclip This was totally worth scrapping the Disco Elysium animatic idea over


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