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Title:Beauty & the Beast TV Series: "Everything" Collab with Bookwormkehprodz

Please watch in the highest quality :) ------------------- Hello everyone! I'm back :) Sorry I haven't uploaded anything in over a month. I was out of town visiting friends and family :) I'm going to be out of town again next weekend for the Stargate convention. Yay! I'm so excited!! :D So Bookwormkehprodz came to me awhile ago and asked if I wanted to do this collab with her. We've worked together in the past and we always love doing it. She had a brilliant idea behind this collab. In this show, the word "Everything" is used a lot between them and this song is just perfect :) She also had the fantastic idea to change their ending, how it should have been! :) She's really an amazing editor and if you haven't subscribed to her yet, please do it now! You won't regret it! Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this collab we worked on! :) ----------------------- Audio: Catherine: I owe you everything. Everything! Vincent: You sacrifice so much. Catherine: I would sacrifice everything for you. Catherine: You deserve everything. Vincent: Some things are worth risking everything for. Dr. Grafton: What do you think you're getting out of this relationship? Catherine: Everything! Catherine: It's alright. Dr. Hughes: Who is Catherine? Vincent: She's everything. Vincent: You're the woman that I love. Catherine: I'm glad. Vincent: Forever? Catherine: Forever. Doctor: Because you're pregnant! Father: It has been said that the child is the meaning of life, the truth of that has never been more apparent to me than it is on this day when we celebrate the child. This new life that has been brought into our world. We welcome the child with love that he may be able to, we welcome the child with gifts that he may learn generosity, and finally we welcome the child with a name. Vincent: I name my child Jacob. Song used: "Everything" (Studio Version) By: Lifehouse I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THIS! ALL OF THIS CONTENT BELONGS TO ITS ORIGINAL OWNERS!!!! THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN MADE! NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT OR ANYTHING INTENDED!!!!


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