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Title:Finding a bag of underwears in the recycling bin!!! How not to recycle & declutter!

It is common sense to not donate underwear (even if looks clean and less used), it should be common sense to not put any fabric/textile in recycling ESPECIALLY UNDERWEAR. Some recycling bins get a lot of diggers so people put in cloths in hopes it gets picked up. However, no one wants to find used underwear when they are digging in recycling bins. Those need to be put in trash. Depending on states and cities, recycling rules vary. But you have to follow the local guidelines otherwise you are wasting resources and other people's time. I have recorded the recycling mistakes made just in my apartment complex, which caters to around 140 households. It doesn't take much to read up the local government rules and policy regarding recycling. Despite there being 3 streams of recycling bins, people mix the items and worse put in materials that can't be recycled. Part of this comes from apathy towards environment and others. Part of this comes from overconsumption which makes difficult to sort through items properly. Material waste is a problem for world. Too much harm is done to environment across globe to produce items that are consumed in rich countries. And to see those things get wasted and discarded is sad. # recycling #sustainability #declutter


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