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Title:There’s Something Strange About These Rolling Knife Sharpeners..

I review the Tumbler rolling knife sharpener. Is it a good sharpening option for beginners? Why is burr removal so important ?⬇️ FULL Disclosure Below (everything in this video was purchased with my own money) Rolling sharpener in this video⬇️ Horl rolling knife sharpener⬇️ (original version??) Other beginner friendly sharpeners⬇️ (spyderco) (lansky) GREAT CHEAP diamond stone (first stone you should buy)⬇️ GREAT 1000 grit stone (second stone you should buy)⬇️ These are amazon affiliated links. As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Personal statment⬇️ As an affiliate I earn a commission on purchases made through some product links, at no additional cost to you. I purchased everything in this video with my own money, and I am free to say whatever I want about it. I am also free to link to anything I want. Reviews and recommendations are made through personal experience with the products mentioned. Content used in this video is used under fair use. CHAPTERS Chapters 00:00 What I bought, its weird.. 00:28 Why I bought this brand 00:51 What I found out after I purchased this brand 01:54 Who was the original rolling sharpener..its weird 03:59 You won’t believe how much this cost! 04:24 The problems with this particular brand 04:50 Someone with no experience tries it 05:45 Someone with experience uses it as fast as possible 06:16 Close ups of the edge 06:23 YES it works BUT that’s NOT what I am testing! 06:52 A big mistake.. 07:48 close up of the problems 08:47 The “HONING” side…problems.. 09:34 Hardness test, for science.. 10:30 Addressing the naysayers about the hardness testing 11:00 Before I knew about the original I want to make these changes 11:36 I really liked the concept BUT..dont use it for these knives.. 11:59 This WAS designed properly, but this version is not it. 12:32 Would I recommend this version of the rolling sharpener? Music from Epidemic sound


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