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Title:Duolingo English Test Practice: Fill in the Blanks, Tips and 100 Practice Questions!

Study more with me here 👇 - My Practice Platform: - My Production Score Program: - All PDFs used in my YouTube videos: 0:00 Intro to Fill in the Blanks 0:44 Key Points 2:04 Strategies 5:15 Practice Questions 5:50 Set 1 9:29 Set 2 13:38 Set 3 17:20 Set 4 13:38 Set 5 24:39 Set 6 28:21 Set 7 31:59 Set 8 35:40 Set 9 39:20 Set 10 41:50 Set 11 44:18 Set 12 In this Duolingo English Test video, I give tips about the new Fill in the Blanks question type on the Duolingo English Test, and I provide 100 practice questions for you to practice with. Are you preparing for the Duolingo English Test? Increase your chances of success by practicing with this comprehensive Duolingo English Test practice session. This video includes all the latest questions recently added to the test in 2024! Please note that these questions are not sourced from the official Duolingo English Test. If you're planning to take the Duolingo English Test soon, we would love to hear from you in the comments section. 👇 The Duolingo English Test is a cutting-edge English proficiency test designed for students seeking to certify their English level. To determine if your desired institution accepts the Duolingo English Test, please visit the official Duolingo English Test website for more information. Remember to show your support by liking and sharing this video. Feel free to utilize the subtitles if needed, and don't forget to leave a comment! We are dedicated to sharing valuable Duolingo English Test lessons to assist you in improving your score. - Like and share the video - Use the subtitles if you need to - Write a comment! Sharing Duolingo English Test lessons to help you improve your score! #duolingoenglishtest


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