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Title:I have a Secret Gay Relationship with My Bestfriend's Dad | Jimmo Gay Love Story

🌈 I Kissed My Best Friend’s Father, and He Had a Heart Attack 🌈 Donate Us to Support Our LGBTQ+ Content 🔔 Click the bell to Never Miss a Video! ❤️ Like and Subscribe for More LGBTQ+ Content! 🌈 Summary Steven and his best friend, Grace, go to her family’s bed and breakfast for the week leading up to New Year’s, as she didn’t want her widowed father to be alone for the holiday. And Having just broken up with his boyfriend of three years, Steven feels like it would be a good time to recharge and rethink his life. Everyone is having a great time the first night, when Steven gets up to go to the bathroom and bumps into David, Grace’s dad. They both notice that they’re under the mistletoe that David forgot to take down after Christmas, and since they were both tipsy, they jokingly share a kiss then go their separate ways. Later that night,they happen to find themselves under the mistletoe again. This time, they kiss, but their lips linger before pressing harder. They break apart, and shakily say goodnight before heading to their separate rooms. The next day, Steven and David keep stealing glances at each other, locking eyes and looking away before anyone else notices. That night, Steven is about to head to bed when he notices David standing under the mistletoe, trying to be as nonchalant as possible. Steven walks past him, but not before making meaningful eye contact. David takes the hint and follows him up to his room.Steven and David go up to his room, but before they can go in, Grace follows them up the stairs and sees them making out. She yells and berates Steven, but David steps in and tells her to back off. This angered Grace even more and she took it off david. All of a sudden David clenches his chest and falls down. This incident shook both the kids witnessing it. They immediately rushed to hospital to find out David suffered from a heart attack. Grace nearly fainted listening to this thinking it’s all her fault but Steven keeping the fight aside stepped in to handle grace and console her. After a while they got to know about the surgery where things went fine. Seeing her loved ones suffering so much , made Grace realise that her dad needs Steven now and it's time for her to move on from her mom and let her dad have a new life. ► Story: I Kissed My Best Friends Father and He Had a Heart Attack | Jimmo Original This Story is Written and Owned by Jimmo. 🌈 Check out My Animation Channel ► COPYRIGHT ⓒ Jimmo ALL RIGHTS RESERVED #Jimmo #gay #boyslove #gayboys #gaylove #rainbowforce #lgbt #Lovestories #bl #🤗🌈


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