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Title:World's fastest talking man sings Michael Jackson's BAD in 20 seconds @VideoScrapbookOfOurTimes

From the time capsule: John Moschitta, Jr., the world's fastest talking man sings Michael Jackson's BAD in 20 seconds (November 10, 1987). Reporter - Marcus Jones. Also see my extended BOBBY BROWN interview on my VIDEO SCRAPBOOK Channel ( and CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER AND D. L. HUGHLEY TAKE A POKE AT KANYE, WILL SMITH, AND THE COVID-19 SHUTDOWN ( and SMOKEY ROBINSON still doing his thing at over 80 years old ( @VideoScrapbookOfOurTimes SUBSCRIBE TO: - Video Scrapbook - The companion channel to VideoCollectabes - where you'll find an even wider variety of reflections of our ever evolving world. Click Video Scrapbook samples below to explore... Also see: World's Fastest Rapper (Unofficially) Spits Michael Jackson's "BAD" in 20 Seconds - It's No Contest Also see: LAUGHABLE TV NEWS MOMENTS AND FUNNY OUTTAKES from Local Public Television and Regional Cable TV News Also see: MAKING FUN OF THE NEWS - Will Ferrell Wasn't the First One To Do It Also see: Going Back To High School For The 10-Year Reunion: When Life Still Holds Promise And Hope Abounds Also see: John Cage – Genius or Con Artist? He spent a career composing works that most could not understand Also see:​​ Newsman amazed by the tricks of magician Harry Blackstone, Jr. Also see: 15 MONTHS in the Life of America During the COVID-19 Pandemic - A Personal Account of Love and Loss Also see: SACRED SOIL: A Family Buries A Patriot at Arlington Cemetery - What It's Like to Receive Full Honors Also see:​​ When I Met Muhammad Ali, I Was Thrilled - When I Met Joe Frazier, I Was Humbled - I Owed Him Respect Also see: No Written History Is Entirely Accurate, Says Alex Haley, As He Remembers A Moving Scene In "Roots" Also see: Schindler's List Holocaust Survivor Tells Story To Whomever Listens Hoping The World Never Forgets Also see: Gonzo Journalist Hunter Thompson Lets Audience of Young People Turn The Table And Ask Him Questions Also see:​​ Are We Really Dumb Americans - Better Off Passively Content Rather Than Frustratingly Enlightened? Also see:​​ Pres. Kennedy Sends America Soaring "...on the...greatest adventure on which man has ever embarked." Also see:​​ JFK Disarms Press Publishers with His Humor Also see:​​ JFK MasterClass: How to Charm the Press Also see:​​ JFK: The Press is Not the Enemy of the President Also see:​​ JFK: His "Black Lives Matter" Message to the Future Also see:​ “The Kennedys of Massachusetts” - Behind the Scenes During the Making of the TV Movie Also see: JFK Presidential Library is Rededicated and Reimagined to Include the Larger Kennedy Political Clan Also see: Foreign Affairs Highlights from JFK's Last Presidential News Conference in Washington, DC - 1963 Also see: Domestic Issue Highlights from JFK's Last Presidential News Conference in Washington, DC - 1963 Also see: Domestic Issue Highlights from JFK's First, Groundbreaking, LIVE Televised News Conference - 1961 Also see: Romney's Goal was Always the White House - So He Started Out Easy By Trying to Unseat Ted Kennedy Also see: Political Newcomer Cuts His Teeth Going Up Against the "Lion of the Senate" - Ted Kennedy Also see: Opening the Doors to the World of John F. Kennedy at His Presidential Library by the Sea Also see:​​ A Lesson for Presidential Front Runners - SEX and SEX APPEAL are Two Completely Different Things Also see:​​ Obama Wasn't the First Black Presidential Candidate to Prove He Could Win Over White Voters Also see:​​ Passengers take last ride on Boston's elevated rapid transit rail Also see:​​​ Teacher on Trial for Coaxing Her Student Lover to Murder Her Husband Also see:​​​​ Sports victory rallies in Boston can be hazardous duty #cedrictheentertainer #smokeyrobinson #dlhughley #fortheculturetour #funny #entertainment #worldsfastest #minecraft #celebrities #celebritynews #ReporterMarcusJones #videoscrapbook


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