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Title:8-year-old Russian child prodigy BELLA DEVYATKINA speaks FLUENT SPANISH (+7 languages)

Bella Devyatkina is a child prodigy polyglot who speaks 8 languages (including Spanish) at only 8 years old! And she doesn't just say a few words, but she speaks fluent, amazing Spanish! Check out the level of her Spanish in this fully Spanish conversation. ▶️ Visit our Spring Spanish website: and sign up for a FREE Essential Spanish Chunking Kit with 54 Essential Spanish chunks + Tutorial on how to memorize chunks and use them in conversations. ◀️ Click here to subscribe, so you never miss a Spanish lesson 👩🏫👨🏫: 0:00 Introducing Bella Devyatkina 0:39 How did Bella learn Spanish? 2:52 Bella and her relationship with Spanish 4:00 Bella, Spanish, and other languages 11:28 Bella and I played a game! #BellaDevyatkina is a minipolyglot who speaks 8 languages, Spanish among them! I had a lovely interview with her to discover what she has done and what she does today to improve her Spanish skills. We spoke in Spanish throughout the entire interview! She's quite a pro! Watch our video about polyglots and their number one tip to learn Spanish next: --------- Ready to take your Spanish to the next level with a structured, in-depth course based on the power of chunking? Take a look at our story-based Spanish course, Los cazadores de tormentas (The storm chasers 🌪 🇲🇽), a first-of-its-kind, story-based Spanish course, designed to teach you (and get you addicted to) Spanish in 12 weeks through the power of Conversation Based Chunking! Check it out here and get a discount for being a YouTube fan 👉 Suitable for beginners all the way up to upper beginner/intermediate (we include extra materials for each level). --------- Want a TRANSCRIPT and FLASHCARDS to memorize all the chunks from this video (and all our other videos)?👨🎓👩🎓 Why don’t you become a member of the Spring Spanish INNER CIRCLE? 🥇 On top of extra resources, as a member you support us, you get access to SPEAKING SESSIONS and exclusive live classes with the Spring Spanish teachers AND you help us decide which videos we create next! You can get started today for just $1! 🚀 🔹Step 1: Go here 🔹Step 2: Sign up for an Inner Circle $1 trial 🔹Step 3: Use the transcript and flashcards to memorize chunks, chat with other Spanish students in the community, come to live classes with the Spring Spanish teachers, and help us decide which videos we create! Spanish students in the community, come to live classes with the Spring Spanish teachers, and help us decide which videos we create! Looking for an intensive Spanish course? Take a look at the 12-week courses we host in our Spring Spanish Academy (available for beginner, intermediate and advanced students): Find us on Instagram: Watch this video again:


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