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Title:Шашлык на Кавказе для аксакала, жизнь в Чечне. Маринад, специи и пряности мясо на деревянном шампуре

What is shashlik? Shashlik recipe. How to cook shashlik kebab? How to cook meat? Lamb shashlik. Biden and Trump come and go, but shahslik is as timeless as the Caucasus mountains. Caucasus 2020, Chechnya. Stalik Khankishiev, the host of the cooking channel on YouTube, is not afraid of cathcing CoVid19 and is going to the Caucasus to write the world's first cooking book about Chechen cuisine. There he meets Adam Satuev, an aksakal from the Donda-Yurt House Museum, who invites him to visit his house. First there was pilaf, tradintional lezginka dance, Chechen songs - and a special recipe of the Chechen pilaf Stalik decided to cook shish kebabs for aksakal. He took mutton and beef, a knife, spices, coriander, cumin, black pepper and salt, onions and apple vinegar and showed him how to make marinade for kebabs. Meanwhile, the aksakal told young Chechens about the history of the Chechen people, how to live in peace and respect, how to build stable multi-ethnic relations, and discussed Nagorno-Karabakh. Aksakal said that in the old days children did not come home with the words "Mom, I want to eat this and that", did not get capricious, did not choose what to eat for dinner, but ate with great joy and pleasure what they gave. Stalik was born in the city of Fergana, so he knows how tasty the mulberry tree rods smell and decided to cook shish kebabs on twigs to see if there would be a difference from what is cooked on ordinary skewers. We decided not to burn wood, but to burn coal and spread it over a barbecue. Nice evening, beautiful weather and the cooking of kebabs starts in the garden. We are sitting on a bench and a good guy, neighbour Ibrahim, joined us. We talked about the history of shish kebabs, what the word shish kebab means, what nations prepare them, what Pokhlebkin wrote about kebabs. Aksakal Adam remembers how he loved shish kebabs as a child, how his father used to cook it using the simplest recipe for shish kebabs, what smoke was rising, that all the neighbours knew - over there they cook kebabs. What are the US elections here, what news today if we are talking about the eternal? After all, all people on earth love meat cooked on coals, on live fire, with smoke! I bet Italians know how to prepare steaks and barbecues. Well, yes, somewhere they use thyme, rosemary and basil, somewhere they can't do without tkemali or ketchup, and we love shashlik! Each nation cooks shish kebabs in its own way. Some like lamb and turkey, others take any meat. Every nation has its own recipe for marinade. How do you make a shashlik soft and juicy? Armenia and Azerbaijan argue, for example, whose dish is lullah Kebab. But this is ridiculous for those who know Turkic languages, what the word shish kebab or shish kebab means - shish is a rod, a spit, and a shish kebab is cooked on a spit like a ram on a spit with a smoke. The aksakal remembered that Ramzan Kadyrov was organising a Shashlik-Mashlik competition. Everyone believes that shashlik is men's cuisine. And last year the competition was well attended by a team from Kabardino-Balkaria, which scored the same number of points as the Chechen woman Madina. When all the people were asked who to give the main prize to, the real Dzhigits came out and said they were refusing to win in favour of the woman! It was a real man's act! The shashlik is ready. And how is it? Do you take the pieces of meat off the skewers or eat it right off the skewers? Everyone decided that since we eat at home, it tastes better right off the skewer. Kinza, paprika, tomatoes, hot bread - everything is left somewhere in the house, everything is forgotten when aromatic, tasty, juicy meat appeared on the table. Ibrahim showed Adam how juice flows from a properly cooked kebab. In shish kebabs, in meat, the most valuable thing is the protein! But most importantly, it is happiness and pleasure! It turned out that Chechen youth are very modest, even at the table they are shy! This is what Caucasian, Muslim education means, what respect for elders means! Have you watched one new video about how pilaf is cooked in Uzbekistan, in the city of Samarkand? It turns out that you can cook it without a kazan - if you have an electric cooker, a pot and an oven. After all, Uzbek cuisine and cookery books are powerful! And national cuisine, Caucasian cuisine, Azerbaijani cuisine, Georgian cuisine, Uzbek cuisine is extremely powerful! We have to be all together, treat each other well, visit each other's country with respect, study traditions of the others, remember to say "hello" and "thank you" in different languages and that's how you become the most important guest everywhere! Moscow, Baku, Tbilisi, Derbent, Tashkent, Fergana, Samarkand and Kyrgyzstan will be happy to welcome you - you can find delicious food everywhere. But we have yet to learn how delicious real Turkish cuisine is! Do you think it's just shawarma-shaverma and Doner Kebab? Uh, guys, there is so much delicious there! #kebab #shashlik #chechens #Stalik #meatrecipe


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