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Title:What If Abraham SURVIVED! If Abraham Lived in The Walking Dead Season 11! Rick Grimes Returns

NEW VIDEO! What if SHANE was in The Ones Who Live with Rick Grimes One of my all time favourite The Walking Dead characters is Abraham Ford. As soon as he joined the show he was instantly seamlessly funny and loveable. After Eugene revealed he was lying, his story was all about finding another reason to live and when he did, he died for it, sacrificing himself for Sasha, Rick Grimes and the group. Although at the time on paper you could say his story ended well, the show would go on to lose more and more of itself and be affected from losing such characters. The show could have really done with a character like Abraham in the later seasons and I think there was so much more they could've done with him. So it's finally time to ask the question of what if Abraham survived? In this video I breakdown the entire story from the moment Abraham died in the line up, to the end of the show where the spin-offs started with Daryl Dixon riding off to France (to eventually be reunited with Carol in Daryl Dixon season 2) and Rick Grimes and Michonne would reunite in The Ones Who Live. And here I create my own timeline with Abraham still alive. What do YOU think would have happened if Abraham survived? Would you prefer if he did? Do you agree with the timeline I've created? What other characters do you want me to make a 'What If' on? Let me know down below! Press the LIKE button on the video if you enjoyed it and subscribe if you're new, thank you for your support! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ►Follow my NEW TikTok account! ►Follow me on Twitter! ►Follow my Instagram! ►Join the official Discord! ►Follow me on Twitch! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Business Enquiries: All audio content and resources used is my own and/or taken from the YouTube Audio Library and licensed. Permissions and links shown below. This is fair use and original content. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's be real, if you've read this far down in the description, you should probably subscribe. #TheWalkingDead #TWD #TheWalkingDeadSeason11 #TheWalkingDeadRickGrimes #RickGrimes


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