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Title:Engage Maddening 0% Growth Efficiency: Chapter 17

Playlist: Turn: 4 Total: 58 Staff: Rewarp 6/10 Warp 10/15 Rescue 7/10 Forge: Silver Greataxe to +3 (300Iron 30Steel 5Silver) Total Ingot cost: 1200 Iron 86 Steel 8 Silver Gacha bond ring: S Dieck, 2 S Eliwood, 1 S Claude, 1 S Lilina Donation: Firene/Brodia/Solm/Elusia: 2/3/2/1 Cook: +3Str 2Res Same as before, but we have a different set of AI manipulations, as well as a different method to handle Griss. For Griss, I realised I didn't have to bait him until the very end. I also have a better overall party members: Warrior!Merrin, Goldmary, Timerra. Thanks to this new power, I can deal with the initial halberdier reliably. With Griss and those 2 armor knights, with a simple reposition, there are always 3 decoys to bait them. After that, Griss is free. For the rest of the bosses, tactical nuke Panette is deployed for the last time. With a few changes to engraving, I manage to secure an even better boss positions. Panette is also in dire need of more sources of SP as well. She does gain a lot more of them with micro improvements here and there. Unfortunately, I still have to chain 4 attacks against Marni. Still, there are still rooms for improvement. For example, Seadall should inherit Quality Time in case Panette eats that wyrm attack.


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