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Title:How To Chainsaw Like a Boss. This Could Save Your Life.

Save 40% or more on your SimpliSafe security system during their holiday sale. Visit to learn more! Chainsaw tips, tricks, and techniques every saw owner should know! This video builds on my previous chainsaw videos that are listed below: No nonsense guide to tree felling, and No nonsense guide to chainsaw sharpening. Full Chainsawing playlist: No Nonsense Guide to Tree Felling: No Nonsense Guide to Chainsaw Sharpening: How to Chainsaw Like a Boss: Want to send me a post card? Farmcraft101 PO box 199 Dillwyn, VA 23936 Recommendations of chainsaw and tree equipment in my Amazon store. My Amazon Affiliate Storefront: Patreon: Buy me a coffee: Etsy Store: Facebook: 0:00 Introduction 1:12 Gauging a tree's lean 1:58 Roping & limbing to control fall 2:31 Conventional Wedge & Humboldt Wedge 3:11 Chaps and personal protective equipment 4:27 Cutting a Humboldt wedge 8:30 Sloped back-cuts 11:01 Wedges in back-cut 11:37 Dropping the tree 13:28 Escape route 14:57 SimpliSafe integration 18:36 Cutting up a dropped tree 21:19 limb cutting technique 23:15 Cutting up the tree 25:47 Limbing example 26:43 Cutting main trunk 28:53 Freeing a stuck saw 32:23 More main trunk cutting 36:28 Cant hook demonstration 37:20 Tricky section with tips 39:02 Stump 41:34 Limbing with a pole saw 44:18 Outro


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