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Title:Afghan Music 2023 -30 Minutes of Timeless Ancient Rabab and Tabla Instrumental Fusion

#afghanistan #afganistan #afghanmusic #rabab #tabla This Afghan Music 2023 Video features the Rabab and Tabla traditional musical instruments from Afghanistan that create a beautiful and unique sound when played together. The Rabab is a wooden lute with 15 strings while the Tabla consists of two different sized percussion drums. The fusion of these instruments creates a charming and soulful melody that reflects the rich culture of Afghanistan. Afghan Folkloric music is a relaxing and flamboyant style of music that showcases the sincerity and passion of the country. Listening to this traditional folk music can transport you to Afghanistan and bring you inner peace. The rhythmic qualities of the music can elevate your mood and help you find inner peace. Afghanistan is located in Central Asia with an altitude between 4,000-10,000 above sea level. Afghanistan has a very diverse landscape, its home to one of the worlds most famous and treacherous mountains, The Hindu Kush Mountains. From the valleys to its beautiful hills, Afghanistan has ever changing sceneries depending on the seasons and is a very underrated travel destination. Hospitality and Family is the most important things in this culture, but its ancient history and architecture are some of the reasons why Afghanistan is worth visiting. A esta hermosa fusión instrumental se les conoce como Rabab y Tabla. Son originarios del país de Afganistán. En el mundo de la música, el Rabab (laúd de madera con 15 cuerdas) y la Tabla (tambores de percusión de 2 tamaños diferentes) son algunos de los instrumentos más reconocidos por sus hermosos y únicos sonidos. Juntos, crean una melodía eufórica que realmente llega al corazón. Estos sonidos son solo un reflejo de la rica cultura encantadora y conmovedora de Afganistán. En este vídeo podrás viajar a uno de los países más incomprendidos. La música folclórica afgana te hará sentir la sinceridad y la pasión que muestra Afganistán. El estilo de música folclórica tradicional es muy relajante pero extravagante. Esta música es el epítome del viaje en el tiempo y las cualidades rítmicas realmente elevan la paz interior. Disfrute de este video de más de 30 minutos. Afghanistan has suffered decades upon decades of war. The people are resilient despite the circumstances but unfortunately the ones that suffer most are the women and children. Many have had to flee their home with absolutely nothing. If you would like to help women and young girls for basic care and needs, I have provided information below with a non profit organization that helps them with these fundamental items. If you're not able to donate at this time, please share this information. The link is below: Protect The Girls Non Profit Mission Statement: Founded on August, 17, 2021 in urgent response to the humanitarian crises in Afghanistan, Protect the Girls is a nonprofit public benefit corporation dedicated to providing aid and support to Afghan refugees, specifically teenage girls and pregnant/nursing women. All contributions to Protect the Girls are tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Federal tax code. To help the cause, please visit Donate to If you enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe so you don't miss a future upload! Don't forget to share with people who would appreciate this lovely music. Hit the bell icon for notifications! if you'd like to see a similar video of your favorite country, please submit your request in the comments section below. I'm passionate by all things music and eager to share and help people experience the variety of sounds out there. All images featured in this video were obtained by no copyright and royalty free public domain sites such as the following: new afghan music 2023,afghan music 2022 ,afghan music 2023 ,afghan music instrumental afghan music mast ,afghan music traditional ,afghan music dance ,afghan music 2021 afghan music ,afghan music playlist ,afghan music video ,afghan music no copyright,rabab music instrumental rabab music,rabab music remix ,rabab music no copyright ,rabab music for background ,rabab music song rabab music afghanistan ,rabab music afghan,tabla music instrumental beats ,tabla music instrumental beats copyright free ,tabla music instrumental meditation,instrumental afghani ,instrumental afghan ,instrumental music afghan ,instrumental music afghani,afghan instrumental music rabab ,afghan instrumental music remix ,afghan instrumental music 2022 ,afghan instrumental music dance ,afghan instrumental music mast


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