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Title:23 Models Tested on a Helix - Can they get to the top? 🤔

A sequel to the gradient test (, but this time on a helix. Loads of people pointed out that curves make gradients harder to climb, so I repeated the test for the same 23 models, but this time I'm using 4th radius curves on a fixed 2% slope. I want to know how many coaches they can get to the top of them helix and if they stop on the helix and start again. We can then compare the results from this helix test with the results from the straight test and see how much of a difference the curves make. Support the channel by becoming a member or Patron: 00:00 Introduction 01:57 Bachmann Thomas 02:36 Hornby Ruston 48DS 03:10 Hornby Smokey Joe 03:56 Hornby Peckett 04:36 Hornby Railroad Jinty 05:36 Bachmann Webb Coal Tank 06:13 Bachmann 1P 06:55 Oxford Rail Dean Goods 07:45 Hornby 4P Compound 08:21 Hornby Class 395 Javelin 09:14 Bachmann 94xx 09:58 Dapol GWR Large Prairie 10:58 Hornby Star Class 11:43 Hornby Class 73 12:12 Heljan AEC Railcar 12:44 Hornby LNER A4 13:36 Hornby 9F 'Evening Star' 14:12 Hornby Princess Coronation 14:44 Hornby Railroad Tornado 15:22 Hornby GWR Class 43 15:57 Bachmann Class 101 DMU 16:19 Hornby Class 67 16:46 Hattons Class 66 17:26 Results


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