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Title:Roots Revival Series 4 - Badakhshani Music with Dawood Pazhman & Murad Sarkhosh (Full Concert)

Interpretation of Badakhshani music - Roots Revival Series 4 live performance at Odeon Theater in Vienna, 14th December 2023. Roots Revival Series is a project initiated and developed by Mehdi Aminian and Ioana Aminian dedicated to the interpretation of underrepresented musical cultures. 2023-2024 has been dedicated to music of Afghanistan. Thank you, dear community of music lovers who support us making Roots Revival Series possible by donating here: The Badakhshani season is now available on all major music platforms - Roots Revival Series 4 live performance: On Spotify: Musicians: Helene Glüxam – contrabass Haider Khan – tabla, harmonium, vocals David Six – piano Mehdi Aminian – ney, setar, vocals Badakhshani representatives: Dawood Pazhman - vocals, qashqarcha & harmonium Murad Sarkhosh - vocals, ghijak, rubab & percussion Lyrics in Persian & English can be found here (pdf): You can find out more about the project here: The line-up: 00:00 Introduction 00:50 - “The Scent of Moulian” | By Dawood Pazhman| arranged by Mehdi Aminian 09:02 - "Desert Girl” | Badakhshani Folklore | arranged by Mehdi Aminian 17:10 - “Infidel of Love” | By Dawood Pazhman | arranged by David Six 24:36 - “I Do Not Know myself” |By Dawood Pazhman | arranged by Helene Glüxam 34:08 - "Alap | Raag Darbari" | vocal improvisation by Haider Khan 37:21 - “Why do you come to my dreams?” | composed by Mehdi Aminian 44:44 - "Improvisation of Rubab, Ney and Tabla" 52:58 - “The Unique Beloved” | Badakhshani Folklore | arranged by Mehdi Aminian 56:48 - "Mountain of Sorrow" | By Dawood Pazhman | Poem by Wasef Bakhtari 01:02:10 - “Universe” | Badakhshani Folklore | arranged by Mehdi Aminian 01:11:34 - “O Mischievous One” | Badakhshani Folklore | arranged by Mehdi Aminian 01:19:20 - Encore | Badakhshani flute and Percussion 01:21:23 - Encore | “Infidel of Love” | By Dawood Pazhman | arranged by David Six Roots Revival Series is dedicated to showcasing the musical traditions of underrepresented genres from various regions worldwide. Through a creative and novel approach, it aims to provide new perspectives on different cultures and their commonalities. Funding within the framework of SHIFT, BASIS.KULTUR.WIEN Partners: Odeon Theater Akis Camera: Christian Deix Simon Zauner Film director and editor: Simon Zauner Live sound and recording: Urdyl Bauer Mixing and mastering: Tohid Vahid Technical support: Hamid Ahmadi Project assistant: Ashraf Thanks to: Birgit Ellinghaus Saman Karampour Max Kaufmann Peter Lell Mario Mattizazo Odeon Staff Horst Watzl Artu Telfeyan Roxana Rouzitalan Ghousuddin Mir Theater Odeon Staff Akis-EU – Afghanische Kultur, Integration und Solidarität - Wien Mario Mattiazzo Project developers: Ioana Aminian Mehdi Aminian © Roots Revival 2023 - Vienna About Badakhshani music: "The music of the Badakhshan region of Afghanistan displays unique repertoires that differ from other regions in Afghanistan and other Central Asian musical styles. It includes spiritual songs, the madah, a religious performance in the form of sung praise of Sufi poetry that often lasts for hours, and bazmi, folk songs based on oral traditions. Characteristic of Badakhshan music is the use of a unique scale and diverse rhythms (Benze, Rastau, Rahpai, Petrajag). Songs like Spek Bazai, Bapirak Bazai, Chamcha Dance, Dergilak, Flak-Khani, Lehlik, Madah-Khani, Shah Mubarak and Ser Tarashan are typical of the region. The vocals are characterized by a clear, smoky and nasal-sounding tone, which plays an important role in genres such as the Falak Sober dirges, which can be performed either a cappella with free rhythms or with instruments in a regular beat. Traditional instruments in Badakhshan music include the Ghijak pointed violin, the Daf frame drum, the Ney end flute, and local variations of the rubab and tanbur." Pamiri (Afghan and Tajik) Music of Badakhshan in Tajikistan & Afghanistan #RootsRevivalSeries


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