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Title:3 Ways to Make Anal Sex Amazing

Dr. Frankie Bashan is a renowned relationship coach and dating expert. She is a licensed clinical psychologist with over two decades of experience working with couples and individuals and specialized training in the field of trauma. She also received her board certification in sex therapy in 2022. She possesses a unique combination of formal training, innate emotional intelligence, and communication skills that allow her to help couples struggling with relationship issues of all kinds. Dr. Frankie is the CEO & Founder of, which focuses on personalized matchmaking and singles events for lesbians, bisexual women, and trans women and has successfully connected couples across the United States for the last decade and a half. Little Gay Book also hosts lesbian/bi fast flirting events all over the country. Join our email list to be the first to know: In 2022 Dr. Frankie presented a TedX talk focusing on the topic of sexual fluidity. You can view it here: Her latest venture is as CEO & Founder of, specializing in personalized matchmaking and singles events for heterosexual singles. Dr. Frankie’s coaching is based in Northern California, but clients can access her services via Zoom from around the globe. You can follow Dr. Frankie: SUBSCRIBE: WEB: WEB: IG: FB: TW: TEDX: BUSINESS ONLY: Today Dr. Frankie discusses anal sex. She provides important information and knowledge about safe anal sex, taking it slow, and exploring without expectations. She emphasizes the importance of communication, safety, and consent when engaging in anal play. She also addresses common misconceptions and encourages individuals to approach anal sex with an open mind and a focus on pleasure and exploration.


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