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Title:How To Draw Alphabet Lore - Lowercase Letter L | Cute Easy Step By Step Drawing Tutorial

How to draw Alphabet Lore - Lowercase Letter L. Easy cute step by step drawing tutorial with narration. ♥♥ Description from the Wiki: ♥♥ L is the 12th letter of the alphabet and the overarching antagonist of Alphabet Lore. He was not used to make any words. L, along with O, first appeared wanting to target the letters that spelled "friends". L and O scared away R, I, E, D and S and then launched O in N's face, much like a rubber band, and laughed with O about it. F got revenge for N by pranking him, spelling the word "fart" to embarrass him in front of all of the other letters. After this, L beat him up with the help of O and in the end framed him into forming the word "frick" to turn all of the other letters against him. When he was lowercase, L's appearance was similar to I's uppercase appearance, however, his color was viridian instead of light blue, his eyes were also big. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ If you need, feel free to pause as you draw. Or you can slow the speed down if you don't mind my voice sounded distorted LOL. Hope you enjoy drawing along and comment below any new suggestions of what I should draw next. Also if you want to help me fund my bubble tea addiction, please think about subscribing ;) ♥♥ To buy me a Bubble Tea or Coffee or just give me some love: ♥ Instagram: ♥♥ My Drawing Tools ♥♥ - 2020 iPad Pro 12.9" - Apple Pencil 2 - Procreate App #alphabetlore #letterl #alphabetlorel #alphabetloreart #alphabetlorefanart #howtodraw #cute #easydrawing #drawingtutorial #stepbystep #tutorial


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