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Title:How to make a Hologram

A very detailed 12 step DIY guide on how to make a Hologram. We start by cutting the glass, then making the film, then exposing it to Laser light and finally developing and sealing the finished Hologram. This is DCG (dichromated gelatin) Holography. These are the 12 Steps you need to do to create your own real hologram on glass with DCG (dichromated gelatin): 0:00 Introduction 0:13 Step 1 – Checking the glass – To get the perfect Hologram you have to check the orientation of the “parallel-lines-pattern” inside the glass. 1:53 Step 2 – Cutting the glass – With a good cutting technique you will waste less glass in your hologram production. 4:12 Step 3 – Cleaning the glass – An Overview of the best chemicals for glass cleaning and how to detect the correct side for coating the glass. 6:26 Step 4 – Preparing the gelatin – Some proven DCG Hologram recipes and how they are adjusted for different temperatures and laser wavelengths. 9:49 Step 5 – Sensitizing the gelatin – How to add the Ammonium Dichromate to the gelatin mix and properly filter it. 13:08 Step 6 – Coating the glass – Working in a controlled coating environment makes better, cleaner holograms and also keeps you safe. 16:07 Step 7 – Building the exposure setup – Instructions on how to build a holographic recording setup. 18:03 Step 8 – Exposure – Expose your coated plates correctly to get the best holograms. 22:37 Step 9 – Developing – Keeping the many variables under control makes this the most crucial and difficult step in the hologram production. 30:38 Step 10 – Scraping – By removing some of the gelatin the Hologram will be properly framed. 33:49 Step 11 – Sealing – Using Epoxy Resin and gluing a cover plate on the hologram will protect it from moisture and preserve it for many years. 39:44 Step 12 – Grinding – Taking off the sharp edges from the glass will make the Hologram safer and more presentable. ABOUT HOLOCREATORS Holocreators is a 3D scanning and reverse engineering company. We offer 3D Scan and Reverse Engineering Services: Email: Want more videos? Please subscribe ► CONNECT WITH US Blog: Youtube: Facebook: Twitter: Reddit: LinkedIn: Instagram: HASHTAGS #Holography #Hologram #DIY #Laser #Science #DCGholography #Lightartist #3D


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