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Title:Study With Me (Live) - Guided Technique Walkthrough

In this LIVE Study With Me, I'll be walking through and guiding you through the simplified study process that allows me to study a LOT of information rapidly. Your comments fuel me! Please leave comments, suggestions and questions freely below. I'd love to discuss anything I talked about in more depth with you! If you enjoyed what I had to give or found it valuable, a subscribe would be sincerely appreciated. --- Learn to study more efficiently: Get advice on medical entry (NZ only): --- Intro Music: The Lounge from Outro Music: Creative minds from --- Justin Sung is an ex-junior doctor who is passionate about creating efficient and meaningful change. He believes that a culture of spoon-feeding and tutoring is a societal issue and that most people are not making good career decisions - especially around medicine. He runs two social enterprises in New Zealand: JTT, which advises and supports students around medical entry, and Finding Gravity, which empowers students to take control of their learning, gain confidence around academia and study more efficiently. --- Medical Podcast, SubCut: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: Learn my start-to-end system on exactly how I study and manage my time at You can send me work, ask me questions and join my Discord with hundreds of other students. 30-day money-back guarantee.


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