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Title:A Complete .NET Developer's Guide to Span with Stephen Toub

Scott and Stephen are back with another entry in the Deep .NET series, this time looking deep at System.Span enabling the representation of contiguous regions of arbitrary memory, regardless of whether that memory is associated with a managed object, is provided by native code via interop, or is on the stack. And it does so while still providing safe access with performance characteristics like that of arrays. Let's go deep on Span. Chapters: 00:00:00 Exploring the Impact and Evolution of Span in Software Engineering 00:03:09 Deep Dive into Assembly Code and its Translation 00:04:15 Exploring Methods to Disassemble and Analyze C# Function 00:05:43 Exploring the JIT Compiler and Assembly Code Optimization 00:12:03 Understanding Arrays and Pointers in Programming 00:16:46 Understanding Memory Management and Array Access in Programming 00:24:35 Discussing the Cost and Implementation of Memory Management Functions 00:26:23 Exploring the Intersection of Performance, Maintenance, and Interop in Programming 00:31:51 Understanding the Concept and Impact of Span in Computer Science 00:39:28 Discussion on Memory Protection and Immutability in Unix and Windows 00:45:59 Implementing and Understanding the Concept of Ref Functions in C# 00:51:08 Exploring JavaScript Optimal Notation and Memory Management 00:54:28 Exploring the Implementation and Functionality of Span in Programming 00:59:53 The Evolution and Impact of Span in .NET Development Resources: Documentation: Connect with .NET: Blog: Twitter: TikTok: Mastodon: LinkedIn: Facebook: Docs: Forums: 🙋‍♀️Q&A: 👨‍🎓Microsoft Learn: #dotnet


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