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Title:Indian Mystic Says You Will NEVER Live in BLISS Without THIS w/ Sadhguru

Sometimes, we lose track of the fact that we’re living in a single world filled with such an astonishing array of people, cultures, and wisdom. This week, I wanted to explore the teachings and spiritual insights from another part of our planet, reminding us that we’re not only different in many ways, but that we’re also very much the same in our thoughts and questions about our existence. I’m honored to share with you my interview with one of the world’s leading enlightened spiritualists, Indian yogi Sadhguru. In addition to authoring several books, Sadhguru is a highly respected environmentalist who has addressed the United Nation’s Millenium World Peace Summit, the British parliament’s House of Lords and spoken several times at the annual prestigious World Economic Forum. In 2017, he received the Padma Vibhushan, India's second-highest civilian award, for his contributions to social welfare. Sadhguru’s perceptions transcend time and culture. They are universal and simple, yet they are also profound in their clarity. You will hear karma defined in a way you’ve never heard before. Sadhguru challenges the fundamental concept of karma found in the identity and memory of our human condition, and the role karma plays in defining our personal being. One of Sadhguru’s important insights touches upon the right way to contemplate our limited time on earth and how doing so can add more bliss by living in the moment. Part of this is connected to letting go of the things that can weigh us down when we take life too seriously and learning to also live with more energy each day. We dig into the idea that we’re all creators, and how understanding our role in the world is what enables us to better create the destiny in each of us. This destiny is critical as we balance our pursuit of material things that so many of us chase while trying to create our idea of personal happiness. You’ll find yourself stopping to think about a lot of what we cover. You’ll also want to go back and listen to this episode more than once because it’s so densely packed with answers to the big questions we all ask at one point or another. I encourage you to open your mind and think about Sadhguru’s words and thoughts. I’m confident you’ll find yourself challenging some of the ways you think about your search for a more peaceful and blissful life. 00:00 Intro 2:05 Sadhguru's definition of Karma 11:00 Is Contemplating death a healthy thing? 15:10 Sadhguru's perspective on prolonging life 19:22 Sadhguru's thoughts on taking life too seriously 22:32 What our role is in creating our destiny 27:34 You do well by observing life, not by being better than anybody 36:36 Do you need another person to feel bliss? 39:08 Madness is when what's in your head becomes greater than creation itself 41:37 When did Sadhguru start riding motorcycles? 42:59 Did Sadhguru always knew who he was going to be? 52:04 Sadhguru's advice to people that just want more bliss in their life ---- Thank you for watching this video—Please Share it and get the word out! What part of this video resonated with you the most? Comment below! 👇 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👇 ---- → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ YOUTUBE | ▶︎ INSTAGRAM | ▶︎ FACEBOOK | ▶︎ LINKEDIN | ▶︎ TWITTER | ▶︎ WEBSITE | ---- #EdMylett #Sadhguru #Motivation #yogi #mystic #spiritual #karma #podcast #spirituality sadhguru interview


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