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Complex interface and nothing is clear? This heading will help you get out of the confusing, in the opinion of some, interface of the Gacha Club. ________ Download Gacha Club. • PC: Look for the Download button below and click on it. First, the site will offer to donate $ 3 to developers, you skip this to the button above with the inscription "No thanks, just take me to the downloads". The file will be downloaded, run the .exe file from the archive. (gachaclub.exe) • Android: The program where I animated the character: Spriter (PC-only) It is intended for in-game animations, not cutscenes, so use it at your own risk. There will hardly be a tutorial on it. ________ ANSWERS TO FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: • Not a club, but a club! ANSWER: In English it is read - CLUB, in Russian CLUB. Pronunciation is correct in both ways, and I like to pronounce it as in the original. I do not translate the names of games and applications into Russian, but I pronounce their original name. If you are not convinced: In a closed stressed syllable, U reads like [ʌ]. This is one of the basic rules of pronunciation that is taught in primary school. Transcription - [klʌb]. Please do not post such comments. • Why is Gacha Club crashing? ANSWER: Clear the device cache. This is a special, separate memory that is needed to perform actions in programs. The more the cache is clogged, the more the phone becomes buggy, and when it clogs up too much so that the phone starts to hang, your system automatically closes applications or games to free the cache and return to normal operation. Don't leave apps in the background. • Why is Gacha Club so buggy? ANSWER: The game has poor optimization like Gacha Life. However, you can reduce the lags, the solution is in the top answer (Why is Gacha Club crashing?). There are almost no lags in the PC version. • What program do you edit videos? ANSWER: DaVinci Resolve 16 • What applications do you record the screen with? ANSWER: On the phone, the application was already built into the system and it is simply called: Screen Recorder. I record on the PC with the Live Screen program. • What type of font do you use so often? ANSWER: Comfortaa • Where did you animate the character? ANSWER: Spriter • Is this your real voice? ANSWER: No. I voice video using Yandex technologies. • Will you record a video with your voice? ANSWER: Yes. •What is your phone? ANSWER: I don't know why you need it. Xiaomi Redmi 6 ----------- Music: "わ く わ く ☆ か わ い い" by Motoyuki "Tenderness" by Tinymemory


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