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Title:Fixed Range Volume Profile walkthrough – Tutorial 1 of 3

This video dives into the Fixed Range Volume Profile tool and how you can use it to draw on your chart, to study price and volume at the same time, and to make more informed decisions with price and volume in mind. This is video 1 in a 3 part series we are creating about Volume Profiles. Volume Profiles are important tools that show you price and volume at once. We hope to make this video series as detailed as possible so you can use these tools to the best of your ability, to fit your strategy and your goals. They show the price levels that have the most trading volume. Rather than seeing volume by each day, you can now see volume over a specific period of time and the prices that attracted the most volume. Where are buyers buying and sellers selling? Where are the most transactions occurring? The Fixed Range Volume Profile is one of the Volume Profile tools available to all TradingView members. You select two points in time and then study those two points as needed. They can be earnings reports, volume spikes, specific dates or news. Just click the start and then click the end and the Fixed Range Volume Profile will calculate and show you the data on the chart. This video explains the settings of these tools, a total walkthrough on how to use them and what customizations are available. Then it dives into using alerts alongside it. We hope you enjoy this video! #TradingView Try TradingView: Get up to $30 in TradingView Coins for you and a friend: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Facebook:


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