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Title:4K CABVIEW: Northern Lights over the Mountain pass

The Northern Lights over the mountain pass was pretty strong this night. Was lucky enough to get this trip over the mountain pass with the Northern Lights showing itself in all it's glory on the trip. Weather permitted, the chance of having perfect weather on both sides of the Mountain pass is like winning the lottery, but I would say this night was one of the better. I really can't wait until the pass is covered in white snow so the northern lights becomes even more visible as the light will reflect in the snow as well. Thanks again to Youtube for being able to botch a upload two weeks after release... Good going... Check out the chapters below for interesting points during the travel marked with "🐄" //Join the community: 💬 Discord: 👍🏼 Facebook: 📸 Instagram: 🐦 Twitter: //If you want to support the channel then consider: 🎖 💸 PayPal: 👕 Merch: //CHAPTERS: 0:00:00 Preview 0:00:30 Intro with map 0:02:11 Ål - Hol 0:10:57 First sighting of the Northern Lights as a faint green hue 🐄 0:12:29 Hol - Geilo 0:21:02 Geilo - Ustaoset 0:30:18 Ustaoset - Haugastøl 0:38:49 Haugastøl - Tunga 0:50:09 Tunga - Finse 0:52:53 You can see the green hue behind the clouds getting stronger 🐄 0:58:26 Finse - Fagernut (meeting east bound train 606 at Finse)🐄 1:03:01 The highest point on the Bergen Line is inside the Finse Tunnel🐄 1:04:22 Fagernut - Hallingskeid ("secret" room in the Finse tunnel )🐄 From here you'll see the Northern Lights between each tunnel and snow shed until arriving Myrdal🐄🐄🐄 1:06:56 The aurora is getting stronger with waves of flashes going across the sky 1:11:37 Hallingskeid - Myrdal 1:27:39 Myrdal - Mjølfjell 1:42:18 Mjølfjell - Reimegrend 1:49:26 Reimegrend - Urdland 1:56:45 Urdland - Voss 2:10:32 Voss - Bulken 2:16:30 Bulken - Evanger 2:25:09 Evanger - Bolstadøyri 2:33:25 Bolstadøyri - Dale (Trollkona Tunnel (Trolls wife)) 2:41:12 Dale - Stanghelle 2:47:29 Stanghelle - Vaksdal 2:55:17 Vaksdal - Trengereid 3:05:11 Trengereid - Arna 3:14:37 Arna - Bergen (Through the new Ulriken tunnel) 3:21:18 Arriving Bergen Station 3:24:54 Moving the locos from Track 8 to Track 9 3:35:28 End credits //CAMERA GEAR I USED FOR THIS VIDEO ○ Sony FX3: ○ Sony 24mm f1.4 GM: ○ Rode Stereo Videomic Pro: ○ Editing Software DaVinci Resolve: //TOOLS & SERVICES I USE: ○ Where I find music: ○ Keyword research tool for YouTube (TubeBuddy): ○ For streaming: //LINE & SIGNAL INFORMATION: ○ Bergen Line information: ○ Flam Line information: ○ Signaling information: ○ Line information and speed: ○ If you want to support the channel you can donate here or become a sustaining member by joining the channel membership And make sure to subscribe to my channel! DISCLAIMER: Links included in this description might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! Thank you for supporting RailCowGirl so I can continue to provide you with content each week-ish!a


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