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Title:What Makes The Sounds in MRI Scans?

Why does an MRI make different noises? This video takes a rare look inside MRI scanners to show you what actually makes the different sounds during MRI scans. The sounds in MRI are produced by only 3 components in the MRI scan room: The coldhead, RF coil and gradient coil. Topics include chirping sound in MRI, what makes MRI scans so loud, why does an MRI make a loud knocking noise and more. Join us as we demystify MRI scan sounds. Thank you for watching! Revision note: In this video, we used the term "sublimation" around timestamp 0:50 to describe the process of boil-off of liquid helium in MRI machines. However, it's important to clarify that a more accurate term for this phenomenon would be "expansion." Liquid helium doesn't undergo sublimation when transitioning to its gaseous state in this context. This correction ensures a more precise understanding of the process. Thank you to our community members for drawing attention to this correction. Please click the like button if you found this to be a helpful vide and consider subscribing to the channel to receive a notification when we release ne content. Thank you for your support! Why do MRI scanners make different sounds? and what is the purpose of the different noises?: Check out our latest feature MRI sounds video! Listen to MRI scan sounds complete with a full spectrum audio analyzer: Article available at Recommended: Brain MRI Scan Sounds What is MRI? Exploring Magnetic Resonance imaging MRI vs PET Scan: What's the difference? 25+ Tips to Stay Calm During Your MRI Scan MRIPETCTSOURCE Patient Resources Please consider subscribing to our channel if you are interested in helpful MRI, CT and PETCT Resources. Thank you for watching! View our curated playlists to find the information you need: -MRI- Magnetic Resonance Imaging -Patient Resources -MRI Scan Sounds -MRIPETCTSOURCE Subscribe to stay up to date when we release new radiology resources. Thank you for the support! **Recommended Articles from** Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) MRI Scan Sounds Explained MRI vs CT Scan Top 5 Tips when your MRI is not scanning: MRI Scan Frequently Asked Questions Follow us on: Twitter: Pinterest: Instagram: Linkedin:


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