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Title:Make your own luck: 4 keys to shift your life

So much of our lives feels like it's up to chance. There's an endless number of paths we could've taken. But research is uncovering the possibility that what we think of as 'good' and 'bad' luck are strongly influenced by our psychology. There's an emerging "science of luck" that strongly suggests that we can make our own luck. The psychologist Dr. Richard Wiseman has studied hundreds of people from all walks of life, to find out why some people live such charmed and lucky lives, and others experience so much misfortune. He describes his finding in his book "The Luck Factor," along with exercises and techniques to increase the number of positive opportunities in your life. We'll look at some of his findings in this video, along with the possibility that luck may also be something more than just psychology. We explore ideas of fate, destiny, and Joseph Campbell's concept of 'following your bliss' and being helped by 'hidden hands.' CHAPTERS 00:00 - So much of our lives seems like it’s up to chance 00:57 - The goddess Fortuna and her modern variations 02:05 - Dr. Richard Wiseman: A science of luck? 03:20 - Part One. The problem of “blind luck” 05:04 - Naval Ravikant and the 4 kinds of luck 08:09 - Part Two. What most get wrong about luck 11:43 - Part Three. Luck in making tough choices 14:17 - Part Four. Making luck that finds you 16:17 - Joseph Campbell: Following your bliss and being helped by hidden hands This video is opinion based. Everything contained within this video is used for educational purposes and criticism, and falls within the doctrine of Fair Use. Fair Use allows for limited use of copyrighted material without requiring permission from the rights holders, such as commentary, criticism, news reporting, research, teaching or scholarship. Fair Use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. If you are or represent the copyright owner of any material used in this video and have a problem with the use of the same, please send a message to the email address indicated in the “About” section of this YouTube Channel. This video also contains images and footage incorporates edited portions of the following:,_la_pénicilline_-_Archives_nationales_-_19900512-29.jpg


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