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Title:For 219 Years Humans Survive in a Radioactive World and Mutate Into Horrible Creatures

#movierecap #fallout 🎬 In the nuclear-scorched Wasteland that was once a suburb of Los Angeles, the heroine encounters giant insects, cannibals, raiders, mutant animals and other heroes, including Paladin Maximus from the Brotherhood of Steel and a mercenary named "Ghoul". GENRE: DESCRIPTION: In the year 2296, more than 200 years after a nuclear war, the descendants of the privileged and rich live in self-contained well-appointed bunkers, while the rest of humanity survives in harsh conditions. Smart and beautiful Lucy McLean from Bunker #33 was going to marry the guy from Bunker #32, but instead their home is attacked by raiders who kidnap her father. Despite everyone's objections, the naive girl goes to the surface determined to find the raiders' leader, and soon her path crosses with Maximus, a member of the military-religious organization "Brotherhood of Steel", and the mutant bounty hunter, former western star Cooper Howard, aka "Ghoul". Amazon's Fallout tv show will definitely be in the top of the year-end list. WATCH MORE: ► Latest Movie Recap: ► Hot Movie Recap: DON'T GET LEFT BEHIND - JOIN ME FOR BEST MOVIE RECAPS! ► Subscribe to MOMENTA RECAPS: ► Follow me on Twitter: ► Follow me on Facebook: The MOVIE MOMENTA channel hosts a collection of movie recaps, which present your favorite and unknown films with my recap, without completely revealing all the secrets of the picture, which helps you better understand movies. The collection of movie recaps includes genres such as: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Horror, Adventure, Drama, Mystery, Fantasy, Comedy. ✍ Disclaimer: This video has been created for entertainment purposes. All advice and comments given in the video are compilations of facts from open sources or the opinion of the author, which may be incorrect. The author is not responsible for your life and health, but wishes you a long and healthy life. The author is not an expert and his opinion should not be relied upon blindly. The purpose of this video is to entertain the viewer. #movierecap #movierecaps #filmrecap Movie recap, movie review, story recap, movie recaps, story recaps, movie plot, movie summary, movie explained, horror movie, movie plots, story recapped, mystery recapped, detective recapped, sci-fi recapped, cinema summary, movie scenes, recap, film review, movie film, Movies Under 10 minutes, science fiction movie, movie trailer, horror movie review, full movie, Series Cut, story recapped, max recaps, movie recapped, recapped, mystery recapped, fox recaps, movie recap, explanation of the film, explanation, movie review, movies, detective recapped, story recap, sci fi movies, fast films, sci-fi recap, sci fi movie recap, Daniel cc movie review, sci-fi recaps, film recap movie review, movie recaps channel, film recap channel, sci fi review, science fiction movie recap, science fiction, recaps, film recaps, movie summary, fallout 2024, fallout tv series, fallout recap, fallout movie review, fallout tv show, ghoul, Paladins, Fortnite Fallout,


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