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Title:36 Turkish STREET FOODS Across Turkey!! GAZIANTEP Baklava, ISTANBUL Döner + ADANA Kebab

TURKEY is a country full of adventure, culture, history and AMAZING FOOD! We have had the opportunity to deeply explore Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir, Gaziantep, Antakya (Hatay), Adana, Konya, Antalya, Cappadocia and more!!! We always learn so much while travelling in Turkey, and enjoy authentic Turkish cuisine along the way. That’s why we’ve compiled a MASSIVE list of our TOP 36 Turkish street foods we’ve tried since our first visit in 2019!!! TURKEY is a big country with many provinces, which creates a big variety in their dishes across the entire country. Turkey is one of the world’s BEST food destinations! Please let us know in the comments if you agree or if you thought we missed something! We thank you for watching and if you enjoyed this video, make sure to LIKE and subscribe so that you never miss an episode of Chopstick Travel. Video Chapters: 0:00-0:34 Intro 0:35-1:31 Macun Candy 1:32-3:17 Döner Kebab 3:18-5:25 Baklava 5:26-7:40 Testi Kebab 7:41-8:41 Simit 8:42-10:41 Adana Kebab 10:42-12:40 Kunefe 12:41-14:20 Pickle Juice 14:21-16:30 Pide 16:31-17:38 Grilled Turbot Fish 17:39-19:37 İskender Kebab 19:38-21:40 Cağ Kebab 21:41-23:44 Manisa Kebab 23:45-25:16 Yuvalama 25:17-27:38 Yogurt Tantuni 27:39-29:32 Küşleme 29:33-31:20 Şalgam 31:21-33:14 Beyran 33:15-34:20 Boza 34:21-36:18 Ali Nazik Kebab 36:19-38:26 Tepsi Kebab 38:27-40:19 Kuru Fasulye 40:20-42:31 Kaymak 42:32-44:20 Katmer 44:21-46:05 Menemen 46:06-47:45 Midye Dolma 47:46-49:30 Cantik 49:31-51:08 Turkish Coffee 51:09-52:41 Kokoreç 52:42-54:15 Borek 54:16-55:54 Gözleme 55:55-57:43 Şambali 57:44-59:19 Dondurma 59:20-1:00:20 Buffalo Milk with Honey 1:00:21-1:01:07 Turkish Tea 1:01:08-1:03:21 Çiğ Köfte 1:03:22-1:03:33 Outro _____________________ We’re Luke Martin and Sabrina Davidson, food lovers and world travellers! We make videos about local, authentic and unique foods from across the globe. We particularly like to sample street food across Asia. We’ve eaten our way across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, parts of Africa, North America and the list is still growing! Our mission is to create content that is entertaining, informative, honest and fun! We love what we do and we are always grateful for your support! Thank you and see you on the next episode! ______________________ 🥢 SUPPORT US : 📱FOLLOW US : 🎵 MUSIC (try it for free) :


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