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Title:Truth and Trump: An Evening with Bob Woodward | TVO Today Live

The disruptive impacts of Donald Trump's presidency continue to wreak havoc in America and influence politics abroad. Two years after losing the presidency, is his influence behind him or is his MAGA movement still a force to be reckoned with? Steve Paikin discusses this with veteran investigative journalist Bob Woodward. 00:00 Intro 01:31 The Trump Tapes 02:09 Trump on Kim Jong-un and North Korean Missile Tests 03:04 Donald Trump's Thoughts on Being Interviewed by Bob Woodward 03:32 The Unedited Reality of the Trump Tapes 04:06 President Trump's Writing Process and Speech Deliveries 04:31 The Dynamic of Bob Woodward's Relationship with Trump 05:49 Why Trump Wants to Sue Bob Woodward 06:27 Trump’s Lack of Understanding of Democracy and the Presidency 07:05 Donald Trump’s Mishandling of the Coronavirus Crisis 07:23 Early Warning Signs of the Virus Threat 07:38 Trump Downplaying the Threat to Avoid Panic 08:03 The Top Secret Briefing and Warning of a Firestorm 09:01 President Trump’s Lies, Cover-Up, and Concealment 09:26 Blowing off Dr. Anthony Fauci 10:00 Trump's Disregard for Expert Advice 10:29 Bob Woodward on Urging the President to Take Action 12:37 Detached from Reality, Obsessed with Re-election 14:45 Trump's Boasting 15:12 Trump’s North Korean Strategy Based on Instinct 15:57 The CIA Says Kim Jong-un is Stupid 18:00 Humorous Moment in the Oval Office 18:37 Trump's Personality and Skills 19:13 Nixon's Failures and Trump 22:40 Nixon's Understanding of the Downfall of a Presidency 24:10 Nixon's Moment of Self-Realization and the Consequence of Hate 24:45 Trump and the Ukraine Scandal 25:51 Donald Trump’s Obsession with Hate 29:40 The Difference in the Republican Party Today 30:34 The Meeting with Nixon and Republican Leaders 32:05 Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy and the Republican Party Today 34:43 Trump Supporters in Midland Texas 35:45 Vice President Pence Says Nothing in the Oval Office 36:27 Trump's Impact on American Politics and Death of the Old Order 37:54 Bob Woodward on Whether Donald Trump Can Win the 2024 Election 40:04 The Demon of Pomposity in American Society 41:25 Would Putin Invade Ukraine if Trump Were President Today 45:23 Time is Not on Ukraine's Side 45:48 The Threat of a Tactical Nuclear Weapon in Ukraine 49:32 Leadership Vacuum in the United States 54:51 The Darkest Moment of Theoretical Possibility 56:29 Biden’s Efforts to Avoid World War III 58:36 Biden Tells Trump to Shut Up 01:02:30 The Role of Army Generals in Preventing Wars 01:06:22 Rising Far-Right Extremism 01:06:48 The Appeal of Trumpism to Working Class Voters 01:07:56 Trump's Sense of Being Wronged 01:13:48 Unsinkable Donald Trump 01:15:06 The Unparalleled Danger of Trump TVO Today Live is an Ontario-based event series that convenes important discussions on the future of democracy. Guests include politicians, journalists and prominent public figures. This initiative is made possible through the support of The Wilson Foundation, whose mission is to strengthen and enrich Canada in education leadership, community, history and heritage, and public service. Learn more about TVO Today Live at and sign up for email updates to get the latest information. Subscribe to The Agenda with Steve Paikin on YouTube: Listen to the podcast: Follow on social media: Facebook - Twitter - Subscribe to TVO Media Education Group newsletters: Get the TVO Today app: App Store: Google Play: See more ways to access The Agenda with Steve Paikin and TVO Today: The Agenda with Steve Paikin is TVO Today's flagship current affairs program, devoted to exploring the social, political, cultural and economic issues that are changing our world. We consistently offer a diversity of viewpoints and in-depth analysis of what lies behind the headlines. See more about The Agenda with Steve Paikin at


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