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Title:Nujabes - Aruarian Dance (Homework Edit)

*UPDATE* 10/30/15 If you cannot view this video or have had trouble finding it, it's because the track has been blocked in the US. With the advent of Youtube Red, I've been notified certain content-ID'd media has been blocked by Google. It remains uncertain whether or not the JPN record label that owns the rights to Nujabes' music, Victor, will continue to uphold these restrictions. I'm sorry, and I hope things will change soon. I'll also take this moment to say it's great for so many have enjoyed this song and this upload. Thanks for keeping the comments section positive. Inspired by top comments in videos of the original version, I looped and edited Nujabes' Aruarian Dance into a seamless 59 minute version for those studious youtubers to listen to and enjoy ;) I know it might be just as convenient to listen to the original 4 minute version on repeat, so one perk I tried to add was to make this edit sound smooth and continuous. Sorry about the lack of artwork; I needed to make it a video but was too lazy to find any pictures or animations to stick together. Not that you need any visuals if you just let it play in the background! Hope you enjoy it. And if you're into anime you should check out Samurai Champloo, which features this track.


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