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Title:New Kia EV9 review: Cancel your Range Rover!

Compare the best new & used car deals with Carwow: Meet the all-new Kia EV9! It’s a new super-imposing 7-seater from South Korea, and Mat’s about to find out if it can compete with class-leading all-electric SUVs like the Tesla Model X and BMW iX! For starters, just check out that design! The EV9 is oh-so imposing, with a chunky, squared-off design stretching from the front to the rear. We love the blocky wheel arches and the new alloy designs - they’re definitely giving this car a real cyberpunk feel. The headlights & taillights also look great, and we love the black window surrounds & matching roof bars. The blue paint just tops it off, too! Step inside and the EV9’s cabin is well laid out. There’s a big infotainment & digital dial screen, and thankfully there are several physical and haptic feedback buttons. Interior quality is ok, but if you reach down a bit low you can expect to find some scratchy plastics! Thankfully though we don’t mind as there’s loads of interior storage, and there’s even the option to go for a six-seat set-up in the back. When it comes to batteries and motors, the entry-level EV9 come with a single electric motor that can produce 203hp. The GT Line edition that we have here comes with dual electric motors and the ability to put down 385hp. Both cars come with a 100kWh battery, and while the entry-level has a range of 350 miles, the GT Line can only manage 315. So it all sounds great, but all this quality doesn’t come cheap! The EV9 starts from £65,000, rising up to £77,000 for the range-topper! So would you consider spending this much on a Kia? Stick with Mat to see if you should! Chapters 00:00 Intro 00:48 Design 02:21 Price 03:43 Interior 06:48 Back Seats 11:02 Boot 12:51 5 Annoying Things 15:28 5 Cool Things 19:40 Batteries & Motors 20:38 Town Driving 23:34 Motorway Driving 26:44 Country Road Driving 28:05 0-60mph 28:51 Verdict


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