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Title:NJ Cop Slams His Own Police Chief Onto Car Hood After He Showed Up 'Drunk' at a Crash Scene

* (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) * Bradley Beach, New Jersey — On November 9, 2023, at 10:30 a.m., the Bradley Beach Police Chief Leonard Guida showed up unexpectedly to a traffic accident on Main Street, where the driver was later charged with DWI. The chief was not in uniform and dressed casually, and the sergeant, William Major said he was “drunk again," according to the report. The police chief tried to take the Sgt. Major away from the scene to criticize him for wearing a jacket with peeling police lettering. In the footage, the chief is heard saying, "Why do you got a jacket on that's not fit to be worn?" The chief and sergeant ended up on the hood of a patrol car during the altercation, with someone heard saying, "You grabbed me." Sgt. Major is also heard on video saying, "He's drunk again ... Chief, get out of here or you are going to get locked up." The chief then is heard telling Sgt. Major he's relieving him of his duties, saying, "You're suspended." Sgt. Major was later allowed to resume his full job responsibilities. After the Monmouth County Prosecutor Office's investigation, Guida was placed on paid administrative leave. His position as chief pays a salary of $202,500, according to state pension records. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Special thanks to Shout-Out Supporters on Patreon: - 'DIY Solar Power with Will Prowse' - matthew emanuel - 'Jun' - 'Xenik' - 'Rom' - 'wvot' - 'Cartoonjunkies' - john ferroato - 'Fishy Tuna' - 'GotsNoGroove Cheryl' - Lynn Boyer - Exus Altimus - 'Dawesenm' - William Bowman - Paul Rohrbaugh - Sandra McGreevy - 'Krazy KZ' - Koby Bland - Christopher Payne - Zach Williams - Michael R Sheffield - Rich Biggs - 'JTrip' - Lee Roberts - Brant Eaton - James Pringle - '' - Meighan Garrick - 'Sopaul' - Lisa Overly - Connor Davies - 'Necko' - Gerardo Flores - Anthony Eufemio - 'Donkbot' - Gage Kissinger - 'coco Coco' ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Support us on Patreon: Follow us on Twitter: 🛍️ Check out our Amazon store: 🛍️ Disclosure: Please note that we will receive a small commission from purchases made through our Amazon store. This is at no cost to you. It helps support our channel and allows us to continue creating content for you. Your support is highly appreciated!


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