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Title:Bulletproof For BJJ Podcast #11: BJJ Problems: Not Knowing How To Learn

What if we told you that getting better at BJJ wasn’t all about what techniques you knew and how athletic you were? Sounds cool… What’s it all about then? In this episode we dive into one of the biggest problems we see in the BJJ world. All across the globe, students show up to training 2, 3, 4 times per week, grind it out on the mats, but still don’t seem to progress as fast as others do. Is it talent? Is it genetics? What if we told you it wasn't any of those, but that it came down to how you applied yourself to the learning process…? HOW you learn BJJ is something that is not often discussed, but if you look around at some of the greatest coaches and competitors of all time, you will see there is a common thread there. Being able to apply yourself to the training process will produce astronomical gains both on the mats and in the gym In this episode we dive into this idea and discuss simple strategies that you can apply right now to get the most out of your BJJ training. If this episode resonates with you, let us know in the comments below! Oss ---------- Don't forget to subscribe to our channel for updates on new videos Bulletproof For BJJ Email: Listen to our podcast on Spotify: | Listen to our podcast on Apple: Website: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:


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